Help Wanted: Could Seniors Assist with Staffing Shortages?


“Help Wanted” signs hang in windows across the country. Headlines report shortages for teachers, nurses, and other critical roles. Many businesses are reducing their hours or limiting their services. One thing is clear: schools, nonprofits, and companies everywhere are struggling to find enough help. The root cause of these shortages is complex and the issues behind the hiring crisis are … Read More

Finding Senior Living That Fits What Matters to You


You’re unique, with your own preferences about everything from what color the couch should be, to how much garlic is perfect for a pasta dish, to which bench you like best in the park. Knowing what matters most to you and doing your best to have that in your life can make each day more pleasant and meaningful.  So when … Read More

Fears vs. Facts About Senior Living

Fears vs Facts

Many senior adults find the idea of moving to a senior living community very attractive, yet are held back by misconceptions about what it really will be like. Not only does this delay the ability to enjoy all the benefits of carefree living, it can have negative consequences if there is a need for supportive care such as assisted living. … Read More

Comparing Senior Living Communities


It’s an exciting endeavor: embarking on a discovery mission to find the lifestyle that is right for you. There’s a lot to learn and much to consider, especially as senior living communities begin to get back to normal. And, just like choosing anything new, you want to be sure you’ve covered your bases and made the right choice.  Comparing senior … Read More