Fears vs. Facts About Senior Living

Fears vs Facts

Many senior adults find the idea of moving to a senior living community very attractive, yet are held back by misconceptions about what it really will be like. Not only does this delay the ability to enjoy all the benefits of carefree living, it can have negative consequences if there is a need for supportive care such as assisted living. If you are helping your parents decide, it can be helpful to give them accurate information.

The fears your parents might have about senior living:

“Someone will be telling me what to do.”

Losing independence is often at the top of the list when it comes to fears about moving into a senior living community. The good news? Quite the opposite is true! Giving up the burdens of home upkeep and daily worries will free your parents like never before. Instead of waking each day to a to-do list of chores and obligations, they’ll be able to choose how they spend their time all day, every day, coming and going as they choose.

“We won’t know anyone and we’ll be lonely.”

What better way to make new friends than to live in a vibrant, welcoming community of peers who also want to connect and engage? Remind your loved ones that in a senior living community, the choice is theirs:  enjoy the privacy and comfort of their residence as much as they choose, knowing that right outside the door there are all kinds of activities and events in which to partake, with people who would love to get to know them. 

“It will never feel like home.”

More than likely, your parents have lived in more than one home, or started a new job, joined a new church, and so on. They’ve experienced change before, and they know that it just takes time for things to feel familiar and comfortable. Most likely it will happen quicker than expected in a new senior living community, because they’ll be in control of everything from how they decorate their residence to what they have for dinner to what they do every day. A senior living community offers many ways for your parents to hold onto their beloved traditions. And in fact, they might enjoy them more!

“There won’t be anything to do.”

Many residents report they’re busier than ever after moving into senior living. Just some of the activities on a typical senior living community’s calendar are:  yoga, bridge, lectures, discussions, book clubs, woodworking, volunteering, happy hours, special outings to area points of interest, meditation and spiritual reflection, board games, trivia, gardening, cooking demonstrations, concerts, movies, holiday celebrations, fitness classes…and if by chance there’s an activity that’s not on the calendar, your parents can suggest it and it probably will be added. 

“I’m worried that my spouse might need more care soon.”  

If your parents move into a senior living community with several care options—independent  living, assisted living, and memory care—they need not worry about having to leave if needs change. That’s the advantage of a continuum of care:  being able to age in place knowing assistance is always available. It’s also important to remind them that if one of them should need some extra assistance following illness or surgery, they can rehab right there at the community, and their spouse will be just steps away. And in these uncertain times, it’s also good to let your parents know about specific safety guidelines in place at the community (social distancing, vaccination plan, mask requirements, etc.).

“We probably can’t afford it.”

The best way to have peace of mind about the costs of moving to senior living is to do as much research as you can about the communities you are interested in and ask for a breakdown of expenses. You might find when you compare community fees (and what’s included), against the costs of maintaining a home, senior living comes out as a better option—especially considering you won’t have to worry about paying for future home modifications (such as a wheelchair ramp) or in-home health care. Talk with the financial advisor and be sure to research VA benefits as well. 

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