Finding Senior Living That Fits What Matters to You


You’re unique, with your own preferences about everything from what color the couch should be, to how much garlic is perfect for a pasta dish, to which bench you like best in the park. Knowing what matters most to you and doing your best to have that in your life can make each day more pleasant and meaningful. 

So when it comes to figuring out what you want in a senior living community, and then finding one that checks off your list, you’re up to the task—after all, this is your opportunity to make this phase of life everything you’ve hoped it could be! 

Finding senior living that fits: taking charge of the journey.

Most likely, you’ve spent your life putting other people’s needs ahead of yours, whether it was your children, your spouse, your colleagues, and so on. Now it’s important to really think about what will make you happy. Of course, if you have a spouse, you’ll want to do this together. But for sure, while it’s okay to consider what others think, this is your decision, about your life. So don’t be shy about asking direct questions. 

To really know what you want, try making a list of what matters to you. Imagine you’ve let a genie out of the bottle and you have been given the freedom of having exactly what you’ve always dreamed of in a lifestyle. (And no limit on the wishes!) What would you say? 

  • Every day should offer a satisfying dining experience. Bravo! Today’s modern senior living communities go out of their way to bring in talented chefs who know how to combine nutrition with delicious menus and turn mealtime into a delightful time. Be sure to dine a few times at any community you are considering and see what it’s like, especially in the midst of returning to a “new” normal.
  • Transportation to my physician’s appointments and the grocery store would make trips more convenient. Absolutely, you’ve earned the right to leave the driving to someone else. Typically, scheduled transportation is included in the monthly fee of a senior living community, and there are also regularly scheduled trips to the grocery store and other points of interest. 
  • Participating in stimulating and fun social activities that are easily accessible is how I want to spend my days. Senior living offers a vibrant atmosphere where social connections can flourish. When you find senior living that fits, it will boast an activities calendar that might include yoga, lectures, trivia contests, happy hours, field trips, meditation, current events discussions, volunteer opportunities, computer classes, teas, book clubs, and too much more to list. 
  • Being in a location that is close to my family and my familiar places is important to me. Having friends over has always been a pleasure and it still can be in your new home. If you know you’ll be happiest in a certain location, then be sure to investigate the lifestyle options in that area. 
  • My health is important, so a focus on lifelong wellness is a big benefit. When you’re looking for senior living that fits your needs, you want more than a place to exercise. You want senior-friendly cardio equipment. Classes and personal instruction that help you reach new goals. Nutrition counseling and insight into healthy habits. Walking clubs, strength training seminars, chair aerobics…the list should be a long one. 
  • A home should feel safe and comfortable, with an atmosphere of respect among the staff and residents. Keep this wish in mind throughout your search for a new address. As you tour a community, notice the vibe you are getting, how people interact with one another, the atmosphere in the dining venue, front lobby, and in areas of supportive care. Are staff observing mask requirements and helping residents stay protected? Visit more than once. Talk to residents and staff. Does it feel like a place you could call home? If so, you’ve found senior living that fits—and that’s a wonderful thing!

You’ll find it all right here. Spacious floor plans, restaurant-style dining, fitness and wellness recreational centers, indoor and outdoor shared spaces, access to on-site healthcare professionals, and offsite transportation are just a few of the amenities you can expect at a Senior Star Senior Community.

We do everything we can to make a positive difference in the lives of Senior Star residents. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour to meet our team and learn more about life in a Senior Star community. And download the Family Decision Toolkit: Your A–Z Guide To Choosing The Right Senior Living Community.

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