Talking to Parents About Senior Living? How to Prepare

Talking to Parents

Talking to parents or loved ones about moving into a senior living community is something many adult children find necessary. As with any subject that affects another person’s life, this one requires patience, empathy, listening skills, and above all, preparation. But if you do prepare, you will find it’s possible to have a positive, productive conversation that can satisfy both … Read More

Moving Day Tips for Seniors

moving day tips

The paperwork is done. Your new residence in a beautiful, full-service senior living community is waiting. Boxes are packed, mail has been forwarded, and your moving day has arrived. Here are some pointers as you approach this exciting day: Moving Day Tips Be ready. Prior to move-in day, review the details of the move with your moving help, such as … Read More

Light is Right: The Benefits of Downsizing for Seniors

downsizing for seniors

Downsizing can bring up many emotions, and it’s only natural to approach it with some hesitation. After all, you’ve built up a lifetime of memories that mean a great deal to you. But while it may not be the easiest task, it also can be quite liberating. Once you’ve separated your most treasured items from all the things you may … Read More

Moving to Independent Living? Questions to Ask When You Visit

independent living

Ready to give up the hassles of home maintenance and embark on a carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle where you can do as you please? If the answer is yes, then you’re a perfect candidate for independent living, and you probably are already making a list of communities to visit. Before you do, consider also listing what you’d like to know, what … Read More