Moving Day Tips for Seniors

moving day tips

The paperwork is done. Your new residence in a beautiful, full-service senior living community is waiting. Boxes are packed, mail has been forwarded, and your moving day has arrived. Here are some pointers as you approach this exciting day:

Moving Day Tips

Be ready.

Prior to move-in day, review the details of the move with your moving help, such as times and locations.
Have a plan for your pet. Arrange for your pet to stay with a friend, or ask someone in your family to keep the pet safe and occupied during the move. Set aside food and medications for your pet so it will be handy once you’ve moved in.

What to bring for your first night.

Fill one box with essentials of the first night, and be sure to keep the box separate from everything else so it is handy. The box can have things like a few changes of clothing, pajamas, extra shoes, toiletries, medications, and other personal items you reach for in the morning. Other important senior moving day tips include throwing in night lights, a coffee maker, mugs, and drinking cups.

Set up the fundamentals.

Make your bed, and have a lamp (and light bulb) and clock on the side table. Then locate simple kitchen items such as paper plates and napkins, and utensils. Also unpack the “bathroom” box so you will have towels, soap, floormat, etc.

Think comfort on moving day.

Bring something soothing and familiar, like a favorite blanket or throw, a pillow you like to lean on when reading, or the book you’ve been reading.

Stock the refrigerator.

You don’t need everything right away, but ask someone in your group to bring your favorite food and beverage items. Tea, milk and juices. Fresh fruit. Cheese, butter and maybe yogurt. Don’t forget the bread and peanut butter! You can make a larger grocery run later, and the community in which you are moving may greet you with a goodie box, but it’s nice to have some things on hand right away.

Make connections.

Your new community will most likely have representatives and a few fellow residents visit you the first day to welcome you. While you’ll be busy, take a moment to greet them and make a connection. They’ll be able to offer valuable advice during your first few months.

Enjoy your first meal.

You might choose pizza with your volunteer moving crew! But it also is reassuring to remember you are moving into a community with a culinary staff who want to please you. If the timing works and you feel ready, head to the dining room or more casual venue and enjoy having someone wait on you. You’ll make friends too!

Make it a family affair.

One of the best senior moving tips: make it an adventure! It can be a fun experience if everyone has a role and works together. Arrange to have snacks available and encourage conversations both about fond memories and the exciting prospect of starting a new phase of life.

Take frequent breaks on moving day.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Pace yourself and down often or get some fresh air. If professional movers are involved, let them do their job. If you’ve enlisted volunteer family members and friends, be sure everyone takes a break.

Look ahead.

You’ve done it! You’ve done the heavy lifting and now you’re ready to start an exciting new phase of life, filled with more free time, more fun and more friends to share your days. Take your time, follow a few simple senior moving tips to help make your new residence feel like home, and explore all that is possible.


At Senior Star, you’ll feel welcome right away. We do everything we can to make a positive difference in the lives of our residents. Let us tell you more! Download our free guide: Should You Stay Or Should You Go: How to Decide Between Home and Senior Living. We are here to help you.


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