Overcoming Senior Living Fears

Planning for a successful move to senior living

Moving is a big decision and can bring up a lot of emotions. You or your loved one may feel excited and energized by the idea of a fresh start. However, it’s also natural to feel some anxiety and stress. 

Not knowing what to expect or not knowing any people in the community can cause you or your loved one to worry.

It’s important to acknowledge these very real and very normal emotions. But don’t let these hesitations keep you from a decision that could ultimately enhance your overall quality of life.

Instead, share your concerns with a friend, family member, or even your Senior Living Specialist. Their perspective may put your mind at ease.

Here are some of the most common fears we hear from seniors as they are preparing to move to a senior living community.

Fear #1: My apartment won’t feel like home.

At Senior Star, residents are free to personalize their private spaces and are greeted with a warm, welcoming atmosphere throughout the common areas.

In fact, many residents find they have more time and energy to decorate their space when they are free from the burdens of home maintenance and repair.

Many of our communities, like Harrison on 5th, offer interactive floor plans that allow you to try different furniture layouts before you move.

If you haven’t already, plan to take a tour of your community. Tours are a critical part of the decision-making process. Walking through your living space and the community as a whole will give you a better sense of your new home. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Fear #2: I won’t know anyone. 

Making friends as a senior adult is one of the important things you can do for your physical and mental health. In fact, studies show that strong and committed relationships lead to a longer life and better mental acuity.

Fortunately, you’re in good company. New residents move into retirement communities all the time. So you are certainly not the only “new kid.”

In fact, every few months, each community will host a Welcome Party to get to know the new residents. 

Our communities also have Resident Ambassadors. These friendly folks help our new residents feel included and help them get familiar with the community. 

There are plenty of organic ways to meet people in your community.

Scheduled activities and mealtimes are great ways to get to know people. Our Signature Programs are designed to encourage physical and mental wellness as well as give our residents an opportunity to connect with others.

Every Senior Star location has a calendar full of exciting activities such as cooking demonstrations, Mixology Experiences, and game nights. 

Our common areas are designed to be comfortable and relaxing — the perfect place to strike up a conversation. 


Fear #3: I will lose my independence.

Many of our residents report that their Senior Star communities actually empower them to be more independent!

By taking care of all the home maintenance and time and energy-consuming chores, residents have more free time to enjoy participating in the activities they love.

Instead of relying on friends or family for a ride to appointments, transportation services provide freedom and peace of mind.


Fear #4: I’ll lose touch with my friends and family. 

When you have fewer items on your to-do list you have more time to grab coffee with friends, call a family member, or take a vacation or trip. 

Our services and amenities help you get the most out of life. 

Laundry service allows you to walk with a loved one instead of folding laundry. Senior Star dining makes it easy to visit friends without worrying about meal prep and grocery shopping upon your return.

Many seniors depend on family members for support with lawn care and other maintenance tasks. While it’s wonderful to have help from the caring people in your life, it also takes away from your quality time together. 

Fear #5: Senior living is too expensive.

It is a common belief that senior living services are too expensive or at least more expensive than living in a private residence. But when you compare the actual costs, you’ll likely find that living in a community can actually be more cost-effective than living on your own.

When you live in a private residence, the different costs can add up quickly. From paying for utilities or routine and unexpected home maintenance to potentially needing to modify your home to accommodate a walker or wheelchair – living on your own can often be more expensive than transitioning into a senior living community.

There are a variety of funding options that can help you pay for senior living. Your financial planner can help you explore what options may be available to you.   

Download our guide: Financial Planning for Retirement Living.

Feel Confident About Your Decision to Move to Senior Living 

Our team at Senior Star is here to guide you through every step of the process of making the move into one of our communities. We want you to feel confident about your decision.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.