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Our Mission: Unite as exceptional stewards for seniors and those who love them, and serve as thoughtful spokespeople for senior living.

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Discover excellent senior living with passion, purpose and a place to call home.


Yours is a life full of purpose. Every moment and every precious memory is a gift — a reaffirmation of your legacy. Rich experiences and timeless friendships punctuate a lifetime of meaning. These celebrations serve as reminders of the journey you and your family have embraced together. Now, it is time to reignite the adventure and renew your purpose as you explore the brilliant future of senior living communities.

Discovering an active adult community to call home is not only about finding a new place to live — it is about finding a new and exciting place in life. Your place in the future is one where a full life, vibrant experiences, and new goals await. It is a place where well-being and special connections create a renewed passion for living. It is a retirement community that inspires you to approach each day with zeal and optimism — a place that makes the world feel wider.

Your place in the future is ready. Senior Star is here to open the door and welcome you home.



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