Comparing Costs of Staying at Home Versus Senior Living

Comparing Costs

When first considering a move to a retirement community such as independent living in a senior living community, it might seem like staying home would cost less. But it’s important to factor in the total costs of living at home—expenses that have become so routine you may not give them much thought. Once you do, you might be surprised to see what a value senior living can offer, both in actual dollars and in intangible lifestyle benefits.

Costs of staying at home versus senior living: A direct comparison

Food, utilities, insurance, entertainment, security, maintenance and more: it all adds up. And it all comes out of your wallet each month. So sharpen your pencil and walk through this chart for an apples-to-apples comparison with potential senior living costs. 




Mortgage or rent





Property tax and insurance



Home maintenance and repairs



Lawn care and yard maintenance






Utilities (electricity, gas, water, trash removal, etc.)




24-hour security



Transportation (payments, insurance, gas, registration, repairs)






Social and entertainment



Exercise and wellness



24-hour emergency alert system



Total Monthly Expenses



Even if after filling out the above worksheet, your answers show that a senior living community might cost more, don’t forget a very important category: quality of life, and how community senior living might have a very positive effect on that. For example, consider the stress of owning and maintaining a home. How lonely you might feel in a neighborhood when friends move away. The difficulty of going out at night for a meal or movie. Worries over what in-home care might cost if your needs change.

When comparing the costs of staying at home versus senior living, remember:  there’s no price tag on peace of mind and safety. 

In addition to financial costs, senior living can offer:

  • More freedom and more time. You can throw away the mop, the mower, and the mental worries over repairs and chores. It’s all handled for you. That’s a bonus, as maintenance of a home can become more taxing as your body ages. Besides, you’ve earned the freedom that living in a senior living community can offer! Read a book, join the walking club, drop in on a Zumba class, meet your friends for happy hour and so much more.  
  • Safe, secure environment. In a modern senior living community such as Senior Star, safety features are ingrained into every part of the design. Wider hallways, grab bars in the bathrooms, and ample lighting are just a few of the details that help reduce the possibility of falls and make life much easier should your needs change and mobility becomes an issue. And you just feel better being part of a community dedicated to serving you.
  • Staff available 24/7. When comparing costs of staying at home versus senior living, this one is huge. In senior living, there’s always someone close by who can assist you in an emergency. You don’t have to urgently try to reach a friend, family member or neighbor who might not be available or know what to do.
  • A plan for the future. What peace of mind! No more worrying about what the future could bring, or what choices you will have to make if your needs change. You’ve made a choice that will not only benefit you, but reassure your family as well.
  • Quality of life. More friends and more ways to have fun. Better nutrition and a dining experience that makes meals a pleasure (and you don’t have to do the dishes!).  Wellness of mind, body and spirit with programs and classes that help you stay active and strong. Lifelong learning for a healthier brain. Senior living at Senior Star gives you the freedom to live your life your way and leave the rest to us.  

At Senior Star, you’ll feel welcome right away—and you’ll appreciate the value of our exceptional lifestyle. Download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing” for more helpful information.

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