Magic tables provide stimulation for memory care residents

Lucynt magic table

Story courtesy of McKnights Senior Living – Reporter Kimberly Bonvissuto – May, 2022

Senior Star Lucynt Magic Table
Senior Star similarly adopted the use of a magic table from Colorado-based Lucynt in its memory care communities.

The Lucynt Magic Table features more than 100 electronic games on a tabletop, with ever-changing images and accompanying sounds. The interactive system is available to residents 24/7 — motion-activated technology allows the games to be played without the help of an employee.

Senior Star Director of Learning and Development Taylor Hernandez told McKnight’s Senior Living that the idea for using a magic table actually came from a program idea challenge to staff members during a February 2021 virtual company meeting.

A community memory care coordinator at Elmore Place in Davenport, IA, and another community that provided a similar idea, shared in the $1,000 challenge prize when Senior Star opted to use the Lucynt Magic Table system.

“What we liked about Lucynt was the ease of the program — it’s ‘plug and play,’” Hernandez said, adding that systems were installed in each of the company’s four memory care communities. There is no subscription, but the company pays a support fee that keeps the system updated.

The systems are one of Senior Star’s brain power signature programs, although Hernandez said it also could fall under exercise and movement, and socialization.
“This checked all the boxes,” she said.

Hernanzdez said that staff members appreciate that the system was designed with input from healthcare professionals.
“It’s designed to make the lives of those who live and work in a dementia care setting more meaningful,” she said. “Anything and everything that we collectively — senior living and memory care specifically, can do that can make the world of our associates as supported and as easy to engage with residents as possible, it’s what we all strive to do.”

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