Local nurse gains inspiration from grandparents to help elderly at retirement home – Elmore Place

Nurse Catie Nauman at Elmore Place changed careers

Local nurse gains inspiration from grandparents to help elderly at retirement home
By Solomon Ladvienka
Published: Jul. 28, 2023 at 6:55 PM CDT

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – A local nurse changed her career and decided to pursue a passion near and dear to her heart.

Catie Nauman was 17 when she began serving tables at the Senior Star in Davenport. She concluded her time there and went to school to pursue her passion for cosmetology. Once she completed her cosmetology school, it was only 2 months until she realized that her passion had changed.

“I wanted to pursue my esthetics license,” said Nauman, now 24. “I started working as an esthetician and I just missed this so much, it was a lot of fun doing that job, but it just wasn’t filling my cup. So, it didn’t take long then to realize that I needed to be back here and so I came back here as a CNA, and then decided to pursue my nursing degree.”

Nauman’s inspiration to help out the community comes from her grandparents. Her Grandma, Lucy, volunteered with hospice care patients and decided to take on what she calls her alter ego, “Henrietta the Hippo.” As Henrietta, she would dress up as a Hippo in a costume and pay visits to local hospitals and surprise the kids and the elderly in hopes of bringing a smile to their faces.

“There reached a time in my working with hospice that I just felt that I needed to do something to add a little joy to my life,” said Lucy Nauman. “I had several children, hospice patients, too, but I had also older, you know that and I did it (Henrietta the Hippo performance) in the homes. I visited in the homes.”

Her Grandfather, John donated time and materials to several people and others in the community. Due to his health, both of her grandparents moved into the Senior Star to make life a little easier.

Caite Nauman was also excited to be back at home and closer to her family, especially her grandparents. Growing up, Nauman would be able to go to her Grandparent’s home at any time because they lived around the corner.

“It was a hard adjustment to be away from them,” said Caite Nauman. “So, now that they’re here, you know, it’s kind of like we’re back together again. And, and it’s really awesome.”

Caite Nauman also says that’s a reminder that sometimes, taking a moment to give can unexpectedly bring love back to you. While working at the Senior Star, she also is going to school and is expected to graduate this month.

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