How We “Do For One Another with Love”


What It Means to Do For One Another with Love at Senior Star 

At Senior Star, we strive to truly represent the best in senior living. Each day we work to build a community where our residents and associates can find purpose.

We’ve made a promise to ourselves and each other to “do for each other with love.” 

It’s simple, yet profound. Our promise guides all of our interactions with residents, their families, and all of our associates (employees) at Senior Star. 

We recognize that relationships are key to fulfillment. We must nurture our connections with those around us to build a strong and vibrant community where everyone is welcomed and appreciated. 

Each time we “do for each other with love,” we make a deposit of goodwill in another person and in ourselves. Over time, these deposits compound in interest to create rich relationships forged through trust and mutual respect. 

However, our work is never finished. We must continually renew our commitment to each other in the way we think, speak, and act. 

Here are the ways we do for one another with love within our Senior Star Communities.

We Are Kind to Everyone We Meet

Greeting everyone with a smile and a warm hello is one of the easiest ways to brighten someone’s day. 

Harper’s Bazaar writes that smiling can help us fight stress, build positive emotions, and strengthen our immune systems. 

Author and researcher Ron Gutman discovered that smiles have the power to help us build deeper social relationships, live longer lives, and enjoy better mental and physical health.

Take a walk around any Senior Star community and you’ll see lots of friendly faces and caring people. Try it! We think you’ll see just how much joy a simple smile can bring.

We Support One Another

Support is shown through our words and actions. When we have the support of those around us we are able to give our very best.

The same is true for our Senior Star associates. When they feel fully supported by their managers, they are able to deliver the best care, service and love to our residents. 

This support is best demonstrated by our inclusion as one of Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces in Aging Services. Senior Star has earned this prestigious designation four times in the past five years. Additionally, we’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work™ company for the past five years.

There are many ways to show your support for those in your community. Consider writing an encouraging note, taking a meal to a friend in need, or telling a loved one that you are proud of them. 

A supportive network of friends and family makes a difference in our health, well-being, and overall happiness.

We Honor and Respect Those Around Us

Building an inclusive community where all are valued is not something that happens by accident. If we want to truly honor everyone in our community we must respect those around us.

Listening is a sign of respect and one of the keys to The Senior Star Difference. We listen to the needs of our residents, their families and our associates, taking the time to hear their concerns and their perspectives. 

 Listening with the intent to understand and take action is the key.  We must show others that we value them and their contributions to our community. We can amplify underrepresented voices and listen to people who have different experiences than we do. 

One way we do this within our Senior Star communities is through cultural events. Our Mixology classes and Spice of Life dining programs are great opportunities to learn about different cultures and their cuisines. Attending events like these is one of the many ways we can celebrate others and broaden our horizons. 

We Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude is a habit that can benefit our mental and physical health. Practicing gratitude is a way to train our brain to focus on the good, however large or small that may be.

Researchers at Positive Psychology found that when we make a conscious effort to show gratitude and appreciation, we strengthen the neural pathways in our brains that are responsible for joy and happiness. Over time, this can help us create a permanently positive outlook.

Try keeping a daily gratitude journal and jot down one good thing about your day or make a photo album of the people in your life you are grateful for.

At Senior Star, we look for opportunities to express our gratitude by recognizing our Difference Makers. It’s easy to use this form to thank one of our Senior Star associates for going above and beyond.  

Do For One Another with Love 

As you can see, there is not just one way to “do for one another with love.” We can all call upon our unique gifts, talents, and abilities to care for one another.

We hope you will join us as we strive to make our community truly a special place for all of our residents, families, and associates.