How to Find and Research Senior Living Communities Near Me

researching senior living

You might be wondering, “What about the senior living communities near me? Does one of them have what I’m looking for in retirement living? Do I want a laid back, easygoing lifestyle that lets me spend lots of quiet time reading and reflecting…or am I looking for something that’s more active, in a location with lots of entertainment venues where I can meet new people and try new things?” 

It’s a good idea to consider these questions as you begin your search so that you can find what fits the location and lifestyle you have in mind. 

Location. Think about those you would like to live near so you could see them more often. It could be adult children and grandchildren. Or longtime friends. But keep in mind that lives change, and people can relocate for work or personal reasons. In addition, if you love your present neighborhood and don’t like the idea of moving elsewhere, ask yourself if you still have friends nearby you can count on. Or how far away medical services are. Neighborhoods change and you might feel more comfortable in a different location.

Lifestyle. The lifestyle you desire is another factor to be mindful of during your search. After you visit a few senior living communities, you will begin to notice each one has a unique style and personality. Some are more formal, while others are casual and relaxed. Whether you are looking for yourself, or your loved one, consider personal preferences. For example, are you someone who likes to dress up for dinner, or someone who is more comfortable coming to dinner in jeans and sneakers?

Another component of lifestyle is the availability of care if needed. Even if you’re a good candidate for independent living now, you’ll want to ask: “Which of the senior living communities near me has a variety of care options available?” Finding one with independent living, assisted living, and memory care is ideal. 

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, the next step is starting your search.


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Senior living communities near me:  how do I find and research my best option?

First things first. Get out a clean piece of paper (or pull up a clean document on your computer) and write:  Senior Living Communities Near Me at the top so you can start recording your impressions. Now let the search begin.

Word of mouth. Think of friends, former colleagues, church members, golfing buddies, neighbors, and anyone else you trust. Invite them over for coffee or meet for lunch and ask if they have any recommendations. If possible, find someone who has a family member residing in a community you have considered. Of course, if you have a friend or acquaintance living in a community on your list, call or visit them. 

Online. It’s amazing what you can learn just sitting at your computer. You can search for a senior living community by location or by care options. Explore each community website thoroughly and review the activities calendar, newsletter, blog, and news items. If there’s an invitation on the website for an event, respond and attend. In addition, check out the Facebook page to see what daily life is like. Are residents smiling and having fun? There are also senior review websites like and And don’t forget to just do a simple Google search with the name of the communities you are researching, so that you can see any news items that pop up.

Ask a professional. There are many people who frequently hear the question:  “What about senior living communities near me?” Attorneys. Eldercare advisors. Clergy. Physicians. Financial planners. Take the time to quiz those you rely on for your personal business to see if they have suggestions. 

Call the community. Talking to someone gives you the opportunity to get a human feel for the community. Ask how long they’ve been in business, ratio of staff per resident, details about monthly fees, and whether they have availability. Be sure to take detailed notes. Afterward, consider how the call went—was the person helpful and friendly? Did you get answers to your questions? 

Visit the community. Nothing can replace the insight you gain by visiting a community in person.  And if after the first visit you have a good impression, you’ll want to return multiple times. Be sure to have a list of questions and things you want to look for when you go. Take your time. Pay attention to how it feels when you enter the lobby. Are people smiling? Are staff members speaking to residents with respect? Does it look neat and well-maintained? Again, take detailed notes so you can decide if you want to come back. (And be sure to have at least one meal before you narrow your list.)

Senior living communities near me:  success! 

With the right questions and research, you’ll feel confident in your search for the senior living community that is right for you. At Senior Star, we are here to help you explore lifestyle options available to you and your loved ones and find a new home for yourself.   

Schedule a virtual or in-person tour to meet our team and learn more about life in our community.

It will be our pleasure to share the amenities, programs, and activities that our residents enjoy on a typical day. Download our free guide Choosing The Right Community for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about senior living?  Contact us to learn more.


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