Everyday Lifestyle Tips to Support Healthy Aging

Everyday Lifestyle Tips

If healthy aging came in a box, we’d all be in line to buy it! Instead, we only have to look at people who are living the longest and healthiest lives on the planet: those who reside in the Blue Zones, known as “super agers.” These older adults not only have the greatest longevity, they are champions at reducing stress, increasing happiness and staying fit—in other words, healthy aging—and the lifestyle tips they offer could change your life.

Lifestyle tips that come naturally

What’s good to remember is that the residents of the five Blue Zones (Barbagia; Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya Peninsula; and Okinawa, Japan), don’t have to try to achieve healthy aging. They just incorporate it into their daily lives. It’s their overall approach to life: one filled with continuous movement, spontaneity, eating only what they need, and having a positive outlook on life.

So, they aren’t following a rigid regimen; they’ve just created a way of life that is all about good habits. And they’ve surrounded themselves with others who feel the same. That’s why they are a great source of lifestyle tips for healthy aging.

Here’s a quick look at some of the traits these super agers have in common:

  • They move around several times a day
  • They feel a sense of purpose when they get up in the morning
  • They ward off stress with a daily nap, meditation, or prayer
  • They stop eating when they are 80 % full, and meals are plant-based
  • They drink 1-2 glasses of wine per day
  • They belong to a faith-based community
  • They cherish their family and elders
  • They keep social circles that support healthy living

Research conducted on residents of the Blue Zones confirms even more good news: that for the average person, genes account for only 20% of longevity. Lifestyle plays a far greater role.


Blue Zones Guide

Everyday lifestyle tips you can incorporate today

As you begin to consider ways to make your lifestyle one that promotes healthy aging, you’ll most likely come up with new and interesting ways to spend your time. Remember a key ingredient to living a longer, more fulfilling life is taking a look at the people around you; those you spend the most time with on a regular basis. They are your ‘tribe” and you want them to reflect the kind of healthy habits that can lead to greater longevity.

Here are some lifestyle tips from the Blue Zones that you can tap into each day:

  • Keep green plants and fragrant herbs, like lavender and rosemary, in your home
  • Adopt a dog from a local shelter and take it for several short walks a day
  • Volunteer your time for a cause you believe in
  • Connect with a religious organization you feel comfortable with
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Create a peaceful sleep environment and commit to sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night
  • Get back to nature by learning more about local birds and how you can care for them year round
  • Take an art workshop or music lessons
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings each morning or evening
  • Work with family members to explore and document your genealogy
  • Devote time to legacy planning and how you want to be remembered

Everyone has their own definition of healthy aging. But it’s hard to come up with something better than a longer life that is more fulfilling and fun! Borrowing lifestyle traits from the Blue Zones is a start. Now see what you can do!

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