8 Retirement Hobbies That Can Help You Live Longer

Retirement Hobbies

Retirement is a time to spend time on yourself, and part of that can include taking up a hobby you always wanted to try or picking up one you once enjoyed. Here are 8 retirement hobbies that are great for seniors that borrow from the wisdom of super agers* who live the longest, healthiest lives: keep moving!

*“Super agers” live in the Blue Zones—five regions of the world where people seem to have mastered the secrets to successful aging. They’re living longer. Feeling better. Enjoying life more. They incorporate movement and health into everything they do.

8 Retirement Hobbies to Help You Live A Long, Happy Life

These hobbies promote not just physical well-being but all of our Seven Areas of Wellness: Brain Power, Exercise & Movement, Expression, Inner Strength, Nourishment & Health, Socialization, and Spirituality.

1. Gardening –

People in the Blue Zones are gardening, pulling weeds, and raking leaves well into their 90s and beyond. That’s because they like to keep moving. There’s something about digging in the earth, planting seeds, or nurturing plants that makes you feel good. Whether you’re outside with a shovel and a kneeling pad, or you’re opting for a potted plant on a table, gardening is giving back to nature…and getting big rewards.

2. Walking –

Walking as a hobby? Why not? Join a walking group or start one. Sing a tune while you walk. Smile at those you pass. Treat yourself to quality athletic shoes and a fun t-shirt. Track your steps with your phone or fitness tracker and challenge yourself to add more each day. Inside or outside, walking is one of the retirement hobbies that can be as fun as you make it. As our friends in the Blue Zones tell us, sit less. Move more. Live longer!

3. Nature Breaks

You might have heard of “nature bathing,” a term that became popular in Japan and quickly spread. Examples are getting outside each day (weather permitting) for a walk in a park. Taking breaks from the computer to go outside. Breathing some fresh air each evening before retiring. The benefits of nature are plenty, including improved attention and better mood. If you live in a high-rise, listen to a recording of birds on a beach or a gentle rainstorm. Schedule 20 minutes a day if you can.

4. Yoga

It’s a meditation. It’s an exercise. It’s a hobby. Yoga can be all three! You’re stretching, working your bones, reducing your stress, improving your balance. And you’re feeling good about yourself: relaxing, breathing deeply and really feeling the positive effects. In fact, at Senior Star, we think our Laughter Yoga® is the most fun you’ll have in an exercise class! When it comes to retirement hobbies, this one is a favorite of seniors all over the planet.


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5. Puzzles and Games

Both sides of the brain work together to complete a puzzle. You’re using visual-spatial reasoning. And you’re lowering stress. Plus, you can do it on your own, or in a group. Board games work the mind, enhance mood and encourage conversation. Video games also offer cognitive benefits and can be lots of fun. Why not choose a game you’ve never played before and make it one of your new retirement hobbies? You can’t lose!

6. Online Learning

You don’t have to learn something new, but you might want to. Why? Because when you’re learning something you’re interested in, it’s fun! Maybe you’ve always wanted to know more about the Roman Coliseum. Or how to speak French. Or all about astronomy. Whatever it is, online learning could be just the ticket. You’re expanding your mind and exploring the world without having to buy a ticket, stand in line, or worry where your luggage is!

7. Volunteer

Making a difference is good for you. Retirement is the perfect time to use your time, skills, and experience to have a positive impact on the world. You could mentor a student. Hand out items at a food bank. Join a fundraising walk. Stuff envelopes or make calls for an organization. Of the many retirement hobbies to choose from, volunteering is at the top of the list for fun and fulfillment.

8. Dancing

In a ballroom, at the gym, or in the kitchen—why not get back to some smooth moves? Improve your heart, work your muscles, and enhance your balance. You’ll have a sharper memory. Better posture. In fact, dancing has the same benefits as swimming or bicycling. And it’s just plain fun, whether you’re on your feet or in a chair. Dancing keeps you moving—something super agers will tell you is what longevity is all about—and one of most favorite retirement hobbies.

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