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Life at The Kenwood

Rediscover your purpose in life as a member of The Kenwood family.

I appreciate the friendliness here. I’ve never been anywhere, I mean anywhere, where everyone was nice.” —Peggy, a Kenwood by Senior Star resident

An outstanding senior living community is a place where every person shares a love for a common purpose and every individual is valued. At The Kenwood by Senior Star, life revolves around this idea. The Kenwood in Cincinnati, OH, goes beyond meeting basic needs and creates a meaningful home for every resident.

Life at The Kenwood by Senior Star

Live Your Ideal Life of Wellness

Reigniting a life of purpose in a new place is an exciting experience — especially when the mind and the heart are engaged in passionate pursuits.

The Kenwood differentiates itself from other senior living communities by engaging in innovative programs that promote vital areas of wellness, including: expression, inner strength, brain power, spirituality, socialization, exercise, movement, nourishment, and health. This is the foundation for what Senior Star refers to as The Stellar Life®.

Every program is tailored to the unique needs and goals of each person. Residents can embrace everything life has to offer through the community’s signature wellness programs, Anytime Dining options, Purposeful Moments® experiences, and Senior Star events. The Stellar Life helps residents tap into their inner desire to continue living each day with purpose.

The Kenwood by Senior Star is far more than a place to live — it represents a new and exciting place in life.

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