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Signature Programs

It is said that the mind and the body are intimately connected. Thoughts and feelings can be affected by the very movements that our brains tell us to make in the first place. This complex relationship compels us to provide Senior Star residents with a wide variety of programs that we hope will peak individual interests, inspire a sense of purpose and engage holistic health and well-being.

We invite you learn more about a few of our most popular signature programs from the people who know and love them the most. Learn more about these programs below.

Zumba Gold®
Great music and dancing — who said exercise can’t be fun? Zumba Gold® is specially designed for the older adult and engages everyone who passes by a session. Participants enjoy the combination of Latin-inspired and international dance rhythms and easy, exhilarating movements.

Imagine your mother, whose declining muscle strength and agility has you concerned. Residents in similar conditions have shared that after two months of regular use they had positive changes, including increased stability and strength. Both they and their children have shared how this has reduced their fears about falls. ShapeMaster® exercise machines provide residents with an easy, comfortable, and safe fitness routine.

Dakim® BrainFitness
It is surprising to some as they pass our Lifelong Learning Center to see a resident playing a trivia video game. However, residents appreciate that Dakim® BrainFitness machines provide fun cognitive stimulation through interactive games designed for seniors and find it a very engaging way to exercise their brains.

Laughter Yoga®
Laughter Yoga® is a fun way to increase blood flow and improve breathing while you intentionally laugh in a group without relying on humor or jokes. The benefits of a 30-minute session may decrease stress, reduce blood pressure, and help ease anxiety. Plus, it's fun to watch how unintentional laughter becomes genuine joy and laughter for those who participate. Open to all ages and all skill levels.

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