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Purposeful Moments®

Discover the passion and dedication of the family of associates at Burgundy Place.

“The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” —Dr. Steve Maraboli

Associates at Senior Star wake up every day with the hope that we can touch the life of someone, make a difference, provide encouragement, or just be a source of strength in a moment of need.

Purposeful Moments® at Burgundy Place is more than a program, a service, or an event. Purposeful Moments is a mindset that begins with the hearts of our associates and our residents. We care about the people in our communities. We value them as part of our family. We find satisfaction in bringing joy and accomplishment to daily life.

Purpose Built Into Every Aspect of Life

Finding purpose and creating moments can go beyond our personal relationships with residents, their families, and associates. Our community lifestyle is built on the premise of providing value and purpose to everyone who comes through our doors. Even the design of our building at Burgundy Place brings purpose in the way our community can be enjoyed.

From the layout of our dining rooms to our Independent Living apartment homes, every design decision and community design choice in the Burgundy Place building has a purpose and a reason for providing a warm, meaningful lifestyle in a community where families can continue to grow and have fun at home.

Curious about how Purposeful Moments gives ongoing meaning to our friends, families, residents, and associates? Join our Purposeful Moments newsletter for quarterly communications filled with resources and information that is helpful for all who are connected to seniors.

Explore all the ways life at Senior Star can create purpose for you and your loved ones.

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