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Life at Burgundy Place

Explore daily living at Burgundy Place — life filled with friendship and connections.

For some, the idea of senior living might sound very familiar — perhaps you have had a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or a parent live in a senior living community. Or, perhaps the concept is completely new to you. Why would someone move to senior living? How does senior living offer more benefits than living at home? What is it like to live a day at Burgundy Place?

A Day in the Life

Life at Burgundy Place is one filled with friendship and connection and maybe a little pampering by people who love what they do and who care. Perhaps the day starts with a knock on the door and a welcome with a hot cup of coffee — or maybe it’s Mom walking arm in arm with an associate to the dining room for breakfast.

It’s Jannie, her Server, who knows that Mom’s  bacon should be extra crisp. It’s an associate who notices that her glasses are smudged and who helps clean them. It’s Michael, trimming fresh flowers from the garden and placing them on the dining room table because he knows how much your Mom loves fresh flowers.

Life at Burgundy Place is bustling — any quick walk down the hallway comes with hellos and invitations from friends and neighbors: 

“Are you headed to the Spelling Bee?”
“Be sure to make it to tonight’s speaker visiting from the art museum!”

Residents gather daily to paint, play poker, experience Laughter Yoga®, write poetry, practice Zumba Gold®, and catch up on the latest current events. Life is full at Burgundy Place.

It is both our passion and duty as senior living providers to offer the highest level of care to seniors. That means both a focus on physical wellness, as well as a holistic approach to well-being — after all, what is well-being without a focus on expression, brain power, and inner strength?

It would be our pleasure to share the Senior Star Difference with you.


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