What Questions to Ask When You Tour a Retirement Community

What Questions to Ask

When you make an important decision, do you listen to your heart, or your head? Maybe you rely on a feeling in your gut. Or, you make a list of pros and cons and see which choice rises to the top. No matter your method, you are probably more driven by emotion than you realize—which makes it even more helpful to decide in advance which questions to ask when you tour a retirement community. 

At Senior Star, we want to help you get the information you need so that you can find a new home for yourself and a loved one. In our 30+ years of serving seniors, we have a good understanding of what matters most to you. So we’ve put together a checklist of questions for you to use as a guide. 

Preparing to tour a retirement community

  • Remember to keep it fun—this is an exciting phase of your life!
  • Bring your questions with you—but be sure to also just “experience” the community. The atmosphere, the laughter of residents, the smiles on faces, the welcoming you receive.
  • Don’t rush it—schedule enough time for you to get the answers you need, and don’t hesitate to return as many times as you like. Have a meal in the dining room if possible and meet some of the current residents.
  • Bring someone along—having a friend or family member with you helps double the insights you’ll gain and the details you’ll remember when you tour a retirement community.

Where to begin

You know you want to tour a retirement community – possibly several – but you might not really know what lifestyle option would be the right fit. If you’re not sure what level of care is right for you, take this easy quiz. In just about four minutes, you can learn about your options and get personalized results.

What to think about

Knowing the details of a lifestyle is very important. But just as important is giving some thought to how you would like to feel in your new home. Before you tour a retirement community, consider its philosophy and approach to aging. You want a place where residents and team members can find meaning and purpose every day; where residents have a more positive outlook, families have peace of mind, and the community as a whole becomes a more vibrant environment. At Senior Star, we take this to heart—our promise is to do for each other with love. 

What to ask

Here’s an example of a checklist you can take with you as you tour a retirement community. Download the Family Decision Toolkit for a copy of this checklist and many more resources to make choosing the right senior living community easier.        



Community 1:

Community 2:

Community 3:


What is the community’s reputation/rating? 


Resident to staff ratio? 


Levels of care? 


Training/qualifications of staff?  


Is the staff friendly?


Does the community feel welcoming? 


How well has the staff communicated with you so far? 



What activities are offered? 




What is the dining program like? 


Is transportation offered? 


Are pets allowed?


What’s the daily schedule?


How is socialization encouraged?


Are residents friendly and welcoming? 



How secure is the community?


Variety of floor plans?


Would you feel at home there?


Is the community clean and maintained?


Do you like the location? 



What is the monthly fee?


What’s included? Which services cost extra?


Payment options?




Tour a retirement community with your goals in mind.

Do your research, think about what matters most to you, and take the time to compare. You will be on the path to making the right choice for you, your loved one, and for your family.  

Our Senior Living options provide a wide range of services for you or your loved one. Download our free guide Family Decision Toolkit for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about retirement living?  Contact us to learn more.


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