What Are You Looking for in a Senior Living Community?

What are you looking for in Senior Living

If you are searching for the right senior living community, you may be reading websites, talking to friends and neighbors, gathering information and spending some serious time in thought. That’s all important. But just as important is to have a clear idea of what kind of community you have in mind—what services, amenities, conveniences, and perks rank high on your list?

At Senior Star, we believe that making the transition to senior living is one of the biggest decisions in the life of a senior. And we want to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Consider whether these attributes match your idea of the right senior living community. 

A senior living community with multiple levels of care.

The fact that you are considering making the move to senior living demonstrates you are a planner. So it’s natural that you would prefer a senior living community that has the resources and professional staff to address your needs over time. Many modern communities offer the full range of supportive care, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. You can move in with the confidence that you will always be cared for by people you’ve come to know in an environment that truly is home. 


A senior living community that’s warm and inviting.

You know how good it is to truly feel at home—like you belong, surrounded by people who really get to know you and who care about your health and happiness. When you visit a senior living community, be sure to take in the ambiance. How staff interacts with residents, the smiles on faces, the way you are greeted:  it can tell you a lot about what it’s like to live there. At Senior Star, we do everything we can to make a positive difference in the lives of our residents so that each person can feel right at home. In fact, our company promise is to: Do for Each Other with Love!


A senior living community with personalized, compassionate care.

Listening, understanding, and caring. All essential traits for an exceptional caregiver, and so important when considering a senior living community. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a loved one, you want to see a dedication to serving with excellence, recognizing each person’s specific needs and responding with compassion and efficiency. You’ll find this commitment at Senior Star, where we recognize that no two residents are the same and care is customized. 


A senior living community that frees you to enjoy life more than ever.

If you’re ready to put down the mop or the lawnmower, you’re ready to enjoy retirement your way. With maintenance-free living, you can leave the chores behind and enjoy more friends, more fun and more freedom to do it all. And in a senior living community with all levels of care, you have the reassurance of a helping hand when needed. As you narrow your search, be sure to review all the services that are included in your monthly fee so you can see just how much easier everyday life could be.  


A senior living community with activities that inspire and entertain you.

Get ready to have some fun! Today’s senior living communities are geared to offering a dynamic list of activities and events for your pleasure. Arts and crafts. Yoga. Presentations on current events. Concerts. Movies. Outings to local sites of interest. Games. Happy hours. Book clubs. Walking Groups. Senior Star monthly calendars are filled with possibilities. Think about how you like to spend your free time as you tour a community. You might just get some new ideas!


Senior Star could be the right choice for you.

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