The Perks of Senior Living Community Life in The Winter Months

Perks of Senior Living in the Winter

The perks of senior living can warm up your winter like nothing else. That’s because instead of shivering or shoveling outside, you can enjoy a cozy, active and rewarding lifestyle inside in independent living. And Senior Star is a perfect example.   

The Perks of Senior Living In The Winter

You can keep your routine.

Who wants to put on layer after layer to go somewhere across town in the winter, only to find your windshield is covered with ice or the driveway is filled with snow? Snug and warm in a senior living community, you can exercise, play bridge, catch up with friends, go to happy hour, have dinner and so much more—all indoors, all dry and safe. Your schedule is what you choose without having to battle the elements. 

No harmful isolation.

Living at home, you might find it very difficult to get out during the winter. It can become all too easy to settle for being alone, which can be bad for your mental and physical health. But one of the best perks of senior living during the winter is that you have friends right next door—there’s always someone who’d love to join you for a meal or a walk.

You don’t have to drive on wintry roads.

Even when the temperature plummets, you still need things like groceries, medications, and personal items. But one of the perks of senior living is you don’t have to drive in bad weather to get them. Scheduled transportation is usually provided for medical appointments and for shopping. And remember, delicious dining is just steps from your door—no boots or gloves needed!

You can still get in your daily steps.

Walking is a fantastic exercise for older adults. But come winter, it can bring risks of falling on an icy sidewalk in chilly temperatures. Knowing that an array of convenient exercise options like Zumba, balance and strength classes, and much more are close by is one of the most favorite of all perks of senior living.

You don’t have to skimp on eating.

A big storm is coming, the last thing you want to do is go out to a grocery store to pick up the ingredients for a meal. And sometimes, the weather changes so quickly you are caught with an empty pantry. But as a resident of senior living such as Senior Star, you enjoy the perk of knowing delicious dining is just down the hall—as are charming companions!

You can enjoy the beauty of the outside from the inside.

It can be lovely to watch snow falling or see the leaves change. But when it comes to the advantages of senior living, nothing beats having a front row seat with none of the shivering. Forget shoveling snow, worrying about slipping on the front porch, or trying to get to the mailbox when it’s just too cold…sit back, relax, and let winter entertain you for a change! 

No need to climb in the attic and see why the furnace isn’t working.

Living in a senior living community in the winter means someone else is taking care of everything from the heat to hot water to hot food and more. You don’t have to worry about any of it anymore: you’re reaping the benefits of senior living; you’re enjoying stress free living.

So many ways to warm up and have fun! Movies, concerts, lectures, games, special events, birthday parties, arts and crafts, happy hours….not to mention special outings to interesting destinations. At Senior Star, our residents delight in being a part of a community filled with opportunities to learn, socialize, and explore. Winter doesn’t slow us down. It inspires us!

Senior Star could be the right choice for you. Download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing” for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about senior living?  Contact us to learn more.

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