Taking the fight against Parkinson’s to a whole new level at Senior Star communities in Columbus Ohio!

Rock Steady Boxing for Seniors in Columbus Ohio

By: Robyn Haines, Daytime Columbus
Posted: August 30th, 2023

For the full TV interview visit: https://youtu.be/WaOm8fKsKpY

Taking the fight against aging to a whole new level! There is a fitness program that’s focused on managing the symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s, while also creating a community for aging seniors. And it’s already earning a loyal following!

Enjoy a class experience alongside Robyn Haines of Daytime Columbus as she visits Harrison on 5th by Senior Star in Columbus, OH and learns how two Senior Star communities are the only two within the Columbus, OH area to be offering certified lead Rock Steady Boxing classes.

Join the fight against aging like never before! Discover Rock Steady Boxing, a revolutionary fitness program that not only manages symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s, but also creates a close-knit community for aging seniors.

Experience the incredible benefits of this non-contact, boxing-based workout, available at Harrison on 5th and Dublin Retirement Village, both Senior Star communities in Columbus.

Increase your strength, endurance, and balance while improving your overall fitness. Embrace a neuroprotective approach that can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Don’t let aging define you; take control of your health and well-being today! Join our loyal following and be a part of something extraordinary!

To learn more about Rock Steady Boxing class schedules, open to the public, reach out to a Senior Star community near you https://www.seniorstar.com/locations/