Senior Star’s Inner Strength Signature Programs

Inner Strength Signature Programs

Visit a Senior Star retirement community and you’ll probably notice how relaxed and at peace residents are. One reason is the Senior Star Signature Programs that are designed for resident wellness and well-being, with an emphasis on inner strength and a strong sense of self. This is senior living that understands the connection between mind, body and spirit, and how that adds to a true feeling of home.

Senior Star’s Inner Strength Signature Programs

Several aspects of wellness are incorporated into our Signature Programs, which include those focused on inner strength.

• Relaxation

Life in a retirement community is meant to be as relaxing as it is carefree. At Senior Star, residents find multiple ways to relax and kick back, benefiting from a pace of life unhampered by mundane housework, home upkeep or other past daily chores. Instead, start your day with Yoga. Seek out your favorite outdoor bench for some meditative moments. Attend religious services. Join the stretching class. Meet your friends for tea. Maybe a restorative nap after a lively game of dominoes. Or, a glass of wine at happy hour.

As a resident of The Kenwood by Senior Star says, “Stress-free living has taken the burdens associated with home ownership away and we should have moved in sooner!”

• Laughter Yoga®

Laughter Yoga is all about creating periods of joyfulness, which in turn cause physiological and biochemical changes in the body. The result can be a completely new outlook on life, with reduced stress, improved breathing, a strengthened immune system, more energy, and more oxygen in the body (great for circulation, which is great for the heart). It’s no surprise that retirement community residents who attend Laughter Yoga say they feel cheerful throughout the day. Just one minute of laughter increases the heart rate faster than a rowing machine.

There are tons of challenges that older adults have to cope with. But being able to turn your mood around with hearty laughter and feel the physical positive effects all day makes it a lot easier!

• Lifelong Learning

At Senior Star, our residents want to expand their world by continuing to learn and grow as much as possible. Not only does gaining knowledge enrich your life, it benefits your brain by stimulating the production of neurons, improving attention, reasoning and memory. In a Senior Star retirement community, you will find an activities calendar filled with educational possibilities. Lectures on other cultures, history, politics and more. Cooking demos that introduce you to culinary arts from around the world. Concerts and theatrical productions.

You also can enjoy the resources of a well-equipped, on-site library and computer center where you find new ways to learn and engage with the world. For example, Dakim® BrainFitness is designed to improve cognitive performance in the two most important areas: memory (immediate and delayed), and language abilities—as users strengthen attention, focus, and concentration.

•Snoezelen® Sensory Room

Snoezelen is a wonderful environment, filled with sights, sounds, textures, and aromas and used to stimulate, calm, relax, or energize those receiving Alzheimer’s or dementia care. The atmosphere can aid in learning and development, relax those who might feel agitated or anxious, stimulate reactions and encourage communication.

• Resident Ambassadors

At Senior Star, residents are valued and recognized for who they area, and have a chance to utilize their specific interests and abilities on a daily basis. As Resident Ambassadors, they can contribute by using their particular skill sets and gifts they’ve acquired throughout life. This can mean welcoming new residents to our retirement community, recognizing milestones for others, assisting in community activities and more. Such involvement not only offers a renewed sense of purpose, it leads to greater satisfaction and fulfillment as a member of a Senior Star retirement community.

Senior Star Signature Programs and More

Whether you are choosing a retirement community for yourself or a loved one, you want comfort, convenience, hospitality and peace of mind—not to mention that something extra that tells you how much you are valued. At Senior Star, we emphasize all the elements of wellness for healthy aging. We invite you to see for yourself.

“Senior living at Senior Star has added quality years to Mom’s life and wellbeing! She is living, not merely existing. Staff is friendly and positive, good food too! Just think how anyone would love to live in a ‘hotel setting’ and receive help when needed. Sign me up!” Karla Heinrich, family member of resident of Elmore Place

Replace worries with peace of mind at Senior Star. Our Signature Programs are just the beginning. We’d like to tell you how in our retirement community, we do for each other with love. Download our free guide Step-by-Step: Successful Transitions to Senior Living for more helpful information.


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