Robots join wait staff at Kansas City senior living community; Wexford Place

Servi Robots in action in Wexford Place dining room

by: Dave D’Marko
Posted: Nov 21, 2022 / 09:54 PM CST
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Residents at some Kansas City independent and assisted living communities have some special servers this Thanksgiving.

They probably won’t mind working on the holiday either. That’s because they are robots!
For folks at Senior Star at Wexford Place it’s the stuff of only tv shows and movies when they were growing up. But now Rocky the Robot is delivering their meals.

The Servi robots were created to help restaurants with staff shortages in the pandemic. But the newest team members at the independent and assisted living communities serve a bit of a different role.

“Say we have appetizers or desserts. It can just go from table to table we don’t have to stop it but for the most part we need one person back here and the rest of the team out there,” Food and Beverage Director Jeremy Constance said.

Experience more about Senior Star dining at Wexford Place.

“By utilizing Rocky to bring the food out servers can stay out in the dining room and be more present with the residents,” Marsha Rufener, Executive Director, Senior Star at Wexford Place, said.

The residents have taken to their new server, once they learned the robots aren’t taking anyone’s jobs.

“We like to watch him come out and stop and start and move about,” Patricia Boyd said.

“It’s something that I never thought I’d ever see in a dining hall,” Janice Beckman said.

As the stares turn to smiles, Senior Star is excited about the robots roles beyond serving and bussing. He and a partner robot named Benji can also sing residents happy birthday.