Ohio Valentine’s Day sweethearts share a love story going on 65 years


By Aliah Keller Ohio
PUBLISHED 9:00 AM ET Feb. 14, 2023

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DUBLIN, Ohio—Everybody loves a good love story, and this one is evidence that true love for one another never dies, and it’s a love spanning nearly seven decades.

On this Valentine’s Day, Charlie and Rosalind Neer are still side-by-side after 64 years of marriage, but it was in 1953, in the middle of geometry class, when Rosalind stole his heart.

Rosalind and Charlie were 16 and 15 years old, respectively. Charlie was a farm boy and the new kid at school. He had planned on taking her out, but Charlie said he was shy.

“I didn’t ask her,” Charlie Neer said. “I was too bashful.”

That’s when Charlie’s classmate Jim butted in, proposing a double date.

“His friend asked him if they’d like to ask me and Jane to the movies,” said Rosalind. “He said ‘yes’ and I said ‘yes’, but I didn’t know which one I was dating because Jim was the one that asked me if I would go with them. So, he had Jane, and I had Charlie.”

In the next five years of dating, the two stayed in touch, while Charlie went on to Ohio State and Rosalind went to Ohio University.

The time came for Charlie to propose. So, he did… in a bathroom, of all places.

“It was Christmas time,” said Rosalind. “And we were decorating the tree at my place. We had thought to get some thread to hang something on the tree. As I came back through, he was on his way to the utility room, and we were right there in that half bath.

It’s a wonder it didn’t go down the drain or something, you know? The sink was right there.”

They eventually tied the knot on June 15th, 1958.
“It was very special,” said Rosalind.

Now, at the Dublin Retirement Village, as they reflect upon the last 64 years of marriage, the Neers say their lives have been full of love and some recent challenges.

Charlie, who boxes to deal with Parkinson’s, is suffering from lung disease.

But through sickness and in health, no one at the retirement village can deny the Neers’ love for one another.

“It is just all inspiring,” said Dionne Nicol, Dublin Retirement Village Administrator. “Rosalind supports Charlie in everything he does, and Charlie is always there for her. It’s amazing.”

And as far as Rosalind is concerned, she couldn’t imagine a life without her best friend by her side.

“All I wanted to do was be with Charlie near 24/7, and we’re together 24/7 again, and we’re happy,” said Rosalind.

The Neers are celebrating 65 years of marriage this June.