Introverts and Senior Living: A Guide to a Happy Life

Introverts and Senior Living

You’re a good listener. You enjoy spending quiet time alone. Your friendships tend to be deeper and more long-term. Large groups of people really aren’t your thing. So when it comes to introverts and senior living, is there a place for you?

The answer is most definitely YES—in fact, in a senior living community like Senior Star, you can be exactly who you are. And you can enjoy a carefree and rewarding lifestyle.

Introverts and senior living:  why it’s such a good match.

Your residence is your private space. When you select your apartment in a senior living community, you are choosing your home…your haven for quiet afternoons and cozy evenings. Most importantly, you can arrange when services such as housekeeping or maintenance visit your residence, so your privacy is honored. You set the boundaries. Independent living at Senior Star was built to give you the freedom to live your life your way and to leave the rest to us.

Set your own schedule and don’t have to join group activities. Get up as late as you choose. Fill your day with your interests and hobbies. Time spent in solitude may provide the space you need to create. It’s entirely up to you. Introverts and senior living go together because of the freedom to choose—you can choose to be alone, or you can choose to be around others. Either way, you no longer have to worry about home upkeep or daily chores, plus you have the peace of mind of knowing someone is always available if needed.   

Arrange your own socializing. When the big game is on, you can invite a friend or two to your residence and have a great time, without joining a much larger group in a common area. You’re in control of your environment and how much socializing you desire. No pressure to do anything you don’t enjoy.

Enjoy numerous opportunities for enrichment. Yoga, Tai Chi, arts and crafts, and even a daily walk around the community are all great ways to focus on inner development. You may have always preferred to “refill your tank” by being alone or in small groups, and living in a senior living community lets you do just that. Even if you do opt to join a group activity, everyone will be a neighbor and a friendly, familiar face. So you’ll always feel at home!

Dine with others or in your residence. Sometimes it feels good to enjoy a meal in your apartment. Other times, you might enjoy being around others for conversation and company. Here’s where introverts and senior living blend nicely—you can do either. In a community like Senior Star, you can enjoy restaurant-style dining served by a friendly and attentive staff. Or you can whip up your favorite dish in your fully equipped kitchen. Having the choice is delicious!

Be social online. If you are most comfortable communicating with others online, you can do so right from your residence. Whether it’s a video chat, email, or a phone call, your residence gives you the privacy to check in with others as you choose. You might also tap into online classes or entertainment, or see if the community is offering a virtual event. Living in a senior living community gives you the advantages of a carefree lifestyle as well as the freedom to design your days as you like.

At Senior Star, we believe introverts and senior living are a perfect match. In our communities, you can live life on your own terms and fill your days doing what you love most. Each day offers something new. 

We are here to serve you. We know that finding accurate and unbiased senior living information can become overwhelming. Contact us to learn more. And download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing” for more in-depth and helpful information. 



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