Tech-Savvy Seniors: How to Make Technology Work For You


Today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than ever before. According to a Pew Research Center Survey, 61 percent of those 65 and older own smartphones. 

Teens and younger adults are often more likely to adopt new technology, but tech use in the oldest age group has grown dramatically in the last decade. New analysis shows the gap in technology use between the oldest and youngest adults has narrowed, according to Pew.

Social media use is also on the rise among senior adults. Some 45% reported using social media – a fourfold increase since 2010. Even if you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of TikTok or try the latest gadget, there are plenty of helpful tools you can start using now to simplify your life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best technology, devices, and apps for seniors.

Manage Your Medications 

It can be critical to take prescriptions as directed by your doctor, but for older adults who may take multiple medications at different times of the day, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. 

Apps like Medisafe help you manage your medications. Simply input your prescriptions and what time they should be taken and Medisafe will create a visual schedule complete with images of each pill and a list of potentially harmful interactions.

This app gives helpful reminders throughout the day when it’s time to take a medication, lets you know if a prescription is running low, and even alerts a friend or family member of a missed dose.

Lost and Found

Keeping track of your stuff has never been easier thanks to trackable tech like Apple AirTag and Tile. Simply attach one of these devices (roughly the size of a postage stamp) to your purse, keys, or luggage, then use an app to find its precise location.   

Misplacing something like your wallet doesn’t have to be a big deal with trackable tech. You can use the app to play a sound on the built-in speaker to pinpoint where it is. If it’s hiding nearby, say under the couch or in the next room, you can just follow the sound to end your search.


Live Chat

Need help booking an airline ticket, ordering home goods, or refilling your pet’s prescription medication? Many websites allow you to “chat” with a customer service representative to get answers to questions, start an order return or find help another way. To get started, you’ll likely see a box that says “Start Chat.”


Then, you simply type your question in a text box and converse back and forth in a similar way to text messaging. 


In many cases, this feature takes less time than a traditional phone call to customer service. Some companies will even email you the chat conversation once your issue is resolved in case you need to reference any instructions later on. This feature sure beats waiting endlessly on hold for something simple!


Entertainment Upgrades

Streaming your favorite shows is easy with media players like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. Most remotes are voice activated making it easy to find your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie or news program.

Some apps, like Disney+, have GroupWatch, a feature that allows you to watch a movie or show with family or friends, even when you are apart. The app syncs the movie in your separate homes so you can laugh together in all the right places.

Take Charge of Retirement Planning

While there are lots of tools that allow you to track finances, Empower stands out when it comes to retirement planning.

 This app’s straightforward visuals and projections can help you see what retirement might look like for you. You can even play out different scenarios to decide whether you need to make changes to your long-term plans.

Technology in Senior Living Communities

At Senior Star our communities use technology to build community and stay mentally sharp.

Dakim® BrainFitness

Each community has computers where residents can challenge themselves and each other. Dakim BrainFitness has a wide variety of enjoyable brain games designed with seniors in mind. 

Within our communities, Dakim is available to independent living residents on their own laptops, iPad, or PC within their apartment homes. Residents can also use the large touchscreen Dakim located in a common area of the community. Some communities have even formed Brain Game groups for a little friendly competition!

Stay Up to Date With Technology

Residents and their families have access to apps that provide real-time activity updates, photos, and community messages on their smartphones or tablets. Families are invited to download the Sagely: Family 2.0 App to see what’s happening in their loved one’s community.

Residents have their own app where they can review the community calendar, RSVP to activities and receive community messages. 

Technology has given us so many new opportunities, however, there is nothing that can truly replace face-to-face connection. That is why senior living communities like Senior Star are designed to help you live life to the fullest and engage with the world around you. 

Schedule a virtual or in-person tour to meet our team and learn more about the engaging and purpose-filled life your loved one can enjoy at a Senior Star community.

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