Certified Rock Steady Boxing in Columbus, OH – Senior residents fighting back against Parkinson’s disease

Good Day Market Place at Harrison on 5th in Rock Steady Boxing class

Good Day Marketplace at Harrison on 5th by Senior Star

Harrison on 5th by Senior Star is proud to offer the nationally recognized Rock Steady Boxing program, designed to improve the quality of life for individuals battling Parkinson’s disease. Our certified Rock Steady Boxing program is the only one in the Columbus area, offered at both our Senior Star in Dublin community and NOW at our Harrison on 5th location! Good Day Marketplace stopped in to visit with one of our Harrison on 5th residents who really enjoys the class.

To enjoy the class in action Harrison on 5th had a visit by Good Day Marketplace click here: https://youtu.be/N6o786XhzoI

Not only does Rock Steady Boxing help improve balance, core strength, range of motion, flexibility, posture, and gait, but it also creates a supportive community with a common purpose. Together, we fight against Parkinson’s!

Led by our amazing instructor Betsy, our Rock Steady Boxing class is packed with fun activities! Betsy shared “Our goal of RSB (Rock Steady Boxing) is to really fight back the symptoms of Parkinson’s with a variety of fun exercises where the intensity matches the level at which each individual is at in their fight against the disease.”

From stretching and warm-up exercises to an intense workout targeting your core, followed by a cool down session. Join us for a class that combines intensity, camaraderie, and most importantly, FUN!

Whether you’re a resident at Harrison on 5th or someone from the greater Columbus community living with Parkinson’s, everyone is welcome to join us.

Just like Gary Joseph, resident at Harrison on 5th, who’s already reaping the benefits of this amazing program! In fact he shared with Good Day Marketplace “Senior Star offering such a variety of activities for everyone is really the primary reason we chose to move to Harrison on 5th!”

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to fight back against Parkinson’s disease symptoms! Let’s knock out Parkinson’s together!