Dining Is an Experience Every Day at Senior Star

Dining is an experience

Nourishment is a major component of wellness—and one everyone appreciates when hunger pangs hit! In fact, at Senior Star, our approach to dining is included in our Signature Programs. Because everything we do is about helping you feel comfortable, at home, and immersed in an atmosphere of wellness. And for residents of Senior Star communities with independent living, that means taking your culinary experience to the next level.

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Independent living, anytime dining!

You might be an early riser who likes to take a morning walk and then have breakfast. When lunchtime rolls around you aren’t always hungry right away. Or, you prefer to stay in your apartment and watch the evening news before having dinner. We get it. After all, you chose independent living so you could have choices—and at Senior Star, you have them.

Because we understand that not everyone keeps the same schedule, especially when it comes to meal times, we offer Anytime Dining. That means Senior Star residents have the flexibility to enjoy meals at any time between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. 

What are the benefits of this Signature Program?

  • Flexibility and freedom to choose meal times 
  • You don’t have to fend for yourself if you miss scheduled meals 
  • You never have to miss a meal due to other commitments

As we like to say at Senior Star, our communities give you the freedom, the choices, and the resources to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. And dining that fits your schedule is one of them. You decide when to enjoy your preferred meal times in the dining hall. We want you to enjoy every bite!



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Variety really is the spice of life.

Of the many things that make life enjoyable, variety and food rank high. With our Spice of Life Dining program, you get to enjoy a secondary dining option aside from our restaurant dining hall—where you can be treated to a special pop-up dining experience within the community. 

These pop-up dining opportunities offer a unique dining experience with themed meals accompanied by music and decoration chosen to complement the culinary heritage of the dining selection. It’s a treat for everyone, and if you happen to be an independent living resident, you know how wonderful it is to enjoy a spontaneous culinary experience without having to do the preparation or cleanup!  

A menu that is always appealing.

Regardless of when and where you dine in a Senior Star community, you can be assured that great care and attention has gone into the creation of every meal. Our professional chefs understand the fine art of marrying smart nutrition with tempting flavors. Dietary restrictions are no problem. And our dining staff is always open to suggestions and ideas. 

And don’t forget your family is welcome to join you! Whether in our main dining hall or at a pop-up event, or in our private dining room, you are encouraged to show friends and loved ones how appetizing—and satisfying—independent living at Senior Star can be.

Bon appétit! 

Independent living at Senior Star is a delectable choice. Let us tell you more about how our Signature Programs can nurture your overall well-being. Download our free guide Choosing The Right Community for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about senior living?  Contact us to learn more.


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