A Day in a Life: What To Expect in Assisted Living

A Day in a Life in Assisted Living

You probably have heard about all the wonderful amenities and services offered in today’s assisted living communities. Maybe you’ve even toured a few communities and you’re impressed by how relaxed and comfortable everyone seems. But what’s it really like to live there? Is it really as carefree as it seems?

At a Senior Star Assisted Living community, we’d like to give you a glimpse at what a “typical” day could be like—though we admit, there’s always something new to love every day!

What to expect in assisted living

Keep in mind that one of the joys of assisted living is that each person is free to choose how they spend their time: as busy or relaxed as desired. Also, each person’s need for support varies. At Senior Star, we describe our assisted living lifestyle as help when you need it, independence when you don’t—a lifestyle where you can live life to its absolute fullest.

Here’s a hint of what your day might look like:

Mornings: Wake up in your comfortable residence, and have a helping hand with dressing,  grooming, and medication management (if needed). Having a little assistance is so reassuring. Then head down to breakfast in the cozy dining room and greet your friends. Enjoy a delicious hearty meal while considering just what you’ll do that day. Maybe a new hairdo in the community salon? Or that exercise class you’ve wanted to join? Perhaps it’s time to stop by the community library and see if there’s a mystery novel you’d like to read. 

You might catch up with friends for a stroll, take your dog for a walk, or spend some quiet time in your residence. The activities calendar is filled with possibilities and there’s always someone who’d love to join you. Some mornings are perfect for outdoor activities like bird watching or gardening, while others entice you to stay in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. It’s such a pleasure to live in a community that is designed for your comfort and safety! 

Lunchtime. Already? The morning seemed to fly by. You’re feeling casual so a quick snack will do just fine, then it’s time to drop by the common areas to catch up on the latest conversations. You can check your mail. Discover your inner Picasso in the art class. If you love to cook, put your skills to work in a safe environment – and without having to worry about preparing a big meal – by joining in on a cooking or baking activity! Or, join the group for a scheduled outing to a nearby site of interest. What is there to expect in assisted living? There are lots and lots of choices!

Afternoons. With transportation provided for you, getting to your physician’s appointment is easier than ever. You just want to be back in time for a quick nap before the evening. You haven’t had to worry about chores like housekeeping because it’s all done for you. In fact, you really don’t have any daily worries like cleaning, cooking, or repairing anything—there’s a friendly, attentive staff whose sole purpose is to make your life easier. 

Evenings. It’s been a full day, but there’s still more out there if you want to partake. Like happy hour in the pub – a good laugh with friends is a great way to end the day! Or maybe just relax in the dining room with a wonderful meal and good conversation. You might choose to just take it easy afterward. Or go see the new movie they’re showing, or drop by the concert. You can’t lose! 

What to expect in assisted living? Even more than you imagined!

No matter whether you choose an evening of entertainment, conversation, or just the peace and quiet of your residence, you already know you’ll sleep well. Assisted living frees you to enjoy each day as you choose.  At Senior Star, our residents appreciate our outstanding amenities, attentive care, and feeling at home—not to mention the warmth of our associates and other residents who become family—making every day brighter and more fulfilling.

Life is full in Assisted Living at Senior Star.  Whatever your interests—art, fitness, volunteering, sports or all of the above—you’ll find plenty of opportunities to pursue your passions, and maybe find some new ones too!

Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities?  Contact us.  And download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing” for more helpful information.

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