90 Year Old Kansas Resident Creates 260 LEGO Models

90 Year Old LEGO Builder - Kansas

At each of our Senior Star communities at top priority is to support our residents in their pursuit of a life enriched by their hobbies and activities. At out Villa Ventura community they exemplified this through a residents’ passion for LEGO building.  And these aren’t just your average LEGO models, many have over 5000 pieces.  After seeing Bill’s talent and passion the team at Villa determined that an entire apartment needed to be set aside to showcase over forty five years of dedication and love that Bill had put into these builds. But, Bill’s love doesn’t stop with just the LEGO’s he requested that a voluntary donation sign and jar be placed in the apartment to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association a cause near and dear to his heart as his late wife passed away from Alzheimer’s. We hope you enjoy this story by Fox news as much as we did!