8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Independent Living

Questions to Ask

Independent living is a type of senior living retirement community for older adults who are ready to embrace newfound freedom and take advantage of everything life has to offer. You might be a thinker. A dreamer. You might love solving puzzles and trying new things. Maybe you’ve secretly always wanted to teach others how to do your favorite hobby. Or, read every one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. But who has the time? 

In independent senior living, you do! Because the right independent living opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your retirement. 

But independent living might not be for everyone. To be sure you would be comfortable and secure in independent living, consider if the following is true:

You are mostly self-sufficient. You are able to take care of your daily needs without assistance and are mobile. You can manage your medications and get to your physician regularly on your own. (If you occasionally need a hand, remember that residents in independent living communities can arrange their own third-party home health services if needed.)

Your health is good overall. Independent living is suited for individuals who are healthy and do not have cognitive challenges or chronic health conditions that require daily assistance or ongoing healthcare.  

If you agree with both these statements, the next step is to decide what you want out of retirement living—because independent living is not just about being able to get through the day without assistance, it’s about making the most out of every moment.   

8 questions to ask yourself when considering independent living

1. Am I ready to have more time for loved ones, to meet new people and make new friends, and benefit from a strong social network that is there to support me when I need it?

2. Would I enjoy the peace of mind of a carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle, knowing I don’t have to lift a finger for daily chores or worries? Am I ready to put away the dust rag, give up climbing ladders, throw away the rake and let someone else do it all?

3. Would I appreciate having a new or renewed purpose in life, whether it’s a new volunteering project, mentoring someone, learning a new language or skill, or accomplishing a goal I’ve put off for years?


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4. Am I ready to embrace lifelong learning opportunities that keep my brain sharp and avoid mental decline, with access to thought-provoking classes, activities, outings, and lively discussions with interesting people just down the hall?

5. Would I delight in knowing that if I choose not to cook, I can go just steps to delicious dining that not only meets my nutritional needs but is also chef-prepared and served to me by friendly and caring staff?

6. Would I like to start a new fitness regimen that’s designed for me, or continue my exercise routine in an atmosphere of vitality and energy?

7. Would I enjoy waking up knowing each day I can choose from a variety of fun and engaging activities and events, or just relish the privacy of my residence?

8. Am I ready to really savor this chapter of my life, filling it with vitality, companionship, wellness, and peace of mind?

If you’re answering yes to some or all of these, you are a perfect candidate for independent living!

Independence, flexibility, quality time 

Individuals, couples, and even siblings choose Senior Star independent living as a natural next chapter in their life story.  Here, you have the time to fulfill personal goals, preserve treasured relationships and build new ones, stay up late or get up early, travel or enjoy the peace of home. You are surrounded by friendly, interesting people in an inviting community that feels like a familiar neighborhood. 

Independent living at Senior Star is anything you want retirement living to be—each day can offer something new!

Community living while maintaining your independence. Download our free guide Choosing the Right Community for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about senior living?  Contact us to learn more.


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