8 Benefits of a Winter Move to an Independent Living Community

Benefits of a Winter Move

Considering a winter move to an independent living community can be a smart idea. Not only is it a good time of year to move, it also can ease some worries that often come with winter weather. In fact, the benefits of independent living may shine their brightest in the winter season.

At Senior Star, we are here to give you the freedom to live your life your way and to leave the rest to us—and winter is a great time to see what we mean!

8 benefits of a winter move to an independent living community  

  1. Winter means holidays. And holidays mean lots of occasions for families to get together and celebrate. So it’s a perfect time to get everyone involved in your move and introduce them to the new carefree lifestyle you’ll be enjoying. Don’t be shy to ask for assistance; chances are the people who care most about you would be honored to lend a hand with packing, unpacking, and arranging your new space.
  2. Winter may be a good time to sell your home. Depending on the area, there may be less inventory out there so your house has a better chance to stand out. Features like fireplaces or hot tubs show especially well in the winter. Neighborhoods are often decorated for the holidays and look warm and inviting. In addition, most buyers during the winter months are truly serious about purchasing a home. In fact, homes listed in the winter have a nine percentage point greater likelihood of selling, sell a week faster, and sell for nearly one percentage point more relative to list price, than homes listed in any other season.
  3. It’s a “bright” thing to do. A move in the winter is a great cure for loneliness, when dark and dreary months and cold temperatures can leave many seniors feeling isolated and alone. Moving during this time is a wonderful way to transition from boredom to an inspiring and vibrant atmosphere filled with possibilities. And it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the beauty and fun of the holidays with others—another of the many benefits of a winter move to an independent living community.
  4. Fewer worries about health and wellness. Winter can be tough on a person’s immune system and getting to a physician isn’t always easy. One of the benefits of a winter move to an independent living community is that you immediately gain the peace of mind knowing that experienced health professionals are close by who can monitor your health and offer assistance as needed, should needs change. Especially in the winter, this offers great peace of mind.
  5. You can make new friends right away. Goodwill and cheer abound during the holidays, making winter actually one of the “warmest” seasons of all! It’s a great time to move into a senior living community and get to know staff members who are eager to serve you, as well as your new neighbors. At Senior Star, you’re immersing yourself into a community of warm, friendly faces who quickly become like family and a setting that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. You are giving yourself the gift of companionship—a major benefit of a winter move to an independent living community that you will appreciate in every season.
  6. You won’t wake up cold at 2 a.m. At home, your furnace can decide to stop working and your home can get cold fast. If you’re safe and snug in a senior living community, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Make a move in the winter and you’ll quickly warm to all the benefits of independent living!
  7. Moving could cost less. Movers are very busy during the spring and summer. But in the winter, things slow quite a bit, and you most likely can pay less for their services. Scheduling will also be easier as there is less demand.
  8. A great start to the new year. One of the many benefits of a winter move to an independent living community is you can throw away the mop, dust rag, rake, and mower—someone else is right there to take care of daily chores, upkeep and all the daily items that you’ve worried over your whole adult life. Now, you can focus on what you want out of life. Do you want to learn something new? Travel to a new destination? Start painting? Take up yoga? Maybe it’s as simple as reading the stack of books you’ve been collecting.

At Senior Star, independent senior living is a time of freedom, fun, and fulfillment. It’s the lifestyle you want for the retirement you deserve. Make your move to senior living in the winter—and kick off your new year with a bang!

Each day offers something new at Senior Star. And at Senior Star, we are here to help you navigate the possibilities. Contact us to learn more. And download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing” for more in-depth and helpful information. 

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