7 Benefits of Downsizing to an Independent Living Community

benefits of downsizing

What can help reduce stress, free up more time for you to enjoy life, and open the door to a world of new opportunities? Downsizing to all the conveniences and perks of independent living. More and more seniors are discovering that letting go of excess baggage is a smart way to move forward to a more carefree and satisfying retirement lifestyle.

Downsizing to an independent living community benefits

1. Living in less space means less to worry about. In independent living, you don’t have to worry about home upkeep or maintenance. So, you can get rid of the mower, rakes, ladder, hammers, and other tools you need when taking care of a home. Downsizing to independent living is an invitation to let someone else handle the details. You just relax and live life your way.

2. No more kitchen cabinet clutter. Chances are, there are a lot of gadgets in your kitchen that seldom get used but take up a lot of space…such as a blender, mixer, crockpot, you name it. And when you do use them, you have to clean them and then try to fit them back into your cabinets.  Remember Fibber McGee’s closet? 

Instead, in independent living, you can trade all that for dining that features delicious, nutritious ingredients, prepared by a professional chef, and served to you by friendly wait staff. Just steps down the hall. And zero dishes to wash! (Of course, you can still cook in your new apartment, but you might be too tempted to let someone else do it for you!)

3. A security system you don’t have to install. Living at home, you might pay a hefty fee for security monitoring which can be frustrating when it comes to power outages or inputting the correct code. Living in independent living gives you the reassurance of a 24-hour front desk attendant and the peace of mind of knowing that if you need help, it’s there night or day. Having a sense of security is a wonderful benefit.



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4. More organized than ever. For some people, thinking about downsizing means dreading going through all the files and documents crammed in a rickety old filing cabinet. But consider this: once you’ve sifted through what matters, and what can be thrown out, you start feeling lighter. You can take photos of a document, or if you need to keep the original, store it in a safe deposit box at a nearby bank. Get rid of expired warranties or ancient invoices and keep only what you need. You’ll feel so good once you’ve tackled the paper monster—and started your “lighter” new life!

5. The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Going through all your possessions can open up new opportunities for helping someone else. That extra table you never use. The set of dishes that’s been boxed away. The tools you rarely touch anymore. Why not donate them to a charitable organization? You’re clearing out, and at the same time, you’re possibly making someone’s day who is ready to give your past treasures a new life. 

6. Access to a wealth of wellness resources. Trying to stay fit at home can be a challenge. There’s rarely a convenient place to put a stationary bike or stair climber, and often little motivation to keep a regular exercise schedule. Walking every day might not be convenient. Moving from your home to independent living opens the door to a retirement filled with all kinds of ways to pursue lifelong wellness—and you don’t have to make room for them! Instead, just walk a few steps to senior-friendly cardio equipment, classes in balance and strength, personal instruction and lots of encouragement from your fellow residents. 

7. A fresh start with new adventures ahead. Living at home can be nice, but it also can get a bit boring—mainly because it’s often so predictable. Downsizing and moving to independent living within a community lightens your load in so many ways, freeing you to start over, or at least start fresh. You can learn new things. Try new hobbies. Begin a fitness regimen. Attend a wine tasting. Visit a local gallery with other residents for a whole new perspective. Mentor students. Or engage in serious couch time when the game comes on. Your time is yours and the only limit is your imagination!

What is waiting for you at a Senior Star Senior Community? Spacious floor plans, restaurant-style dining, fitness and wellness recreational centers, indoor and outdoor shared spaces, access to healthcare professionals, and offsite transportation are just a few of the amenities you can look forward to. Download our free guide Choosing The Right Community for more in-depth and helpful information. Questions about senior living?  Contact us to learn more.


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