6 Reasons Why Safety Is So Important in a Senior Living Community

senior living safety

Feeling secure in your surroundings is like an automatic boost of power each day. You’re ready to explore, to learn, and to savor what brings meaning to your life. For older adults with mobility issues or those in need of supportive care, it’s especially important to have resources that help each person maintain as high a level of independence as possible. Senior living safety offers the reassurance and freedom to do just that.

What makes safety in a senior living community so important?

Self-care remains a priority.

A person who doesn’t feel safe might stop doing healthy things because it no longer seems to matter. For example, taking a daily walk or eating a well-balanced meal. Someone who is uneasy about driving to a grocery or being outside in their neighborhood alone might choose to stay inside and isolated. In a vibrant and welcoming community such as Senior Star, residents can rely on a helpful and caring staff 24 hours a day. Nutritious dining is readily available, as are resources for staying active and well. The environment is nurturing and supportive, and on-site security adds an extra touch of reassurance that is so important to senior living safety.


Keeping a regular routine is key for mental and physical health.

When you can wake up each morning and know that you’re in a safe, friendly place, you can get about the day enjoying what brings meaning to you. Research has shown that having a familiar routine improves older adults’ self-confidence and overall satisfaction with life. In addition, a routine that includes regular socialization with others is key to maintaining emotional and physical health. 


Less likelihood of depression and other psychological problems.

For some older adults, getting out of the house can be intimidating if they do not feel safe due to mobility issues or because they are on their own. The result is they often miss opportunities to interact with others, to get outdoors for fresh air and activities, or to feel any sense of independence. Loneliness can be the result, and its negative effects can sneak up on a person. According to a University of Chicago study, loneliness can lead to depression, disrupted sleep, high blood pressure and even early mortality.

Living in a Senior Star community, you or a loved one can live life on your own terms, with the reassurance of extra help when needed. The bonus of senior living safety is something you can count on, even as needs change.


Maintain independence for as long as possible.

You’re just getting started. You’ve worked hard and cared for others and raked enough leaves…now it’s your turn!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in an environment where every detail was thoughtfully planned to help you achieve a longer, healthier life? That’s what makes senior living safety such a powerful benefit—you’ve chosen a lifestyle that caters to your lifelong wellness. For example, wider hallways. Smart lighting. Safety features in the apartments. Elevators instead of stairs. So even if needs change, you’re already in a safe and secure place with a full-time staff ready to assist any time night or day. Instead of worrying about the future, you’re not only possibly adding years to your life, but life to your years!


Peace of mind in emergencies.

Whether it’s severe weather, or the ongoing diligence to maintain the highest possible level of cleanliness, a senior living community offers a major advantage:  a comprehensive plan of action and highly trained professionals who know what to do. At Senior Star, our team works tirelessly to adhere to the best health and safety precautions. We remain connected to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health authorities and focused on the safety and wellbeing of everyone we serve and employ. For us, senior living safety is our highest priority. Senior Star is a 100% Associate-vaccinated company as part of our efforts to Do for Each Other With Love. #saferatseniorstar


Reassurance for families.

It can be hard on family members when they know their loved ones are living on their own with no one immediately available in an emergency. Everyday items can become hazards and concerns over the likelihood of a fall are very real. With senior living safety, your loved one will always have someone to respond to an urgent need. This is especially reassuring when supportive care is needed, whether in assisted living or memory care. Having nurses on-site 24/7, emergency call bracelets, safety features in bathrooms, and more give families the peace of mind they deserve. 


Caring, preparation and training. At Senior Star, we are committed to serving with excellence.

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