5 Big Benefits of Memory Care

memory care

In a quality memory support program, individuals with dementia can benefit in ways that can improve their quality of life, slow cognitive decline, and reduce stress both for them and their caregivers. At Senior Star, we work together to help your loved one thrive—we make their world bigger.   

5 Big Benefits of Memory Care

The world becomes more manageable and enjoyable

A person with dementia isn’t just struggling with memory issues, they often also have difficulty with simple tasks, such as brushing their teeth. It can be confusing and cause anxiety. However, in a smaller, calmer setting, and with the right cueing and prompting, simple tasks can become easier. Structured, supportive memory care is designed to not only make everyday life more manageable, but also remove the disruptions and even chaos that can be found at home. The result: less agitation and anxiety.   

Senior Star’s Memory Support communities offer a safe, comforting environment with associates who take the time to get to know your loved one, and you. Then we can work together to help your loved one enjoy a higher quality of life. It feels like home, only better: that’s one of the big benefits of memory care at Senior Star.

A renewed sense of purpose. 

A person who was once the head of a household or who enjoyed a successful career can become depressed when they feel they no longer have a purpose. Having to be dependent on others often results in withdrawal and apathy. Memory care neighborhoods such as those at Senior Star offer a range of activities that can be personalized to each person’s life story, tapping into unforgotten skills and restoring a sense of accomplishment. 

It can be as simple as sorting objects. Folding laundry. Or tinkering with an old radio. Your loved one is able to engage in something meaningful, connect with others, and feel important again. At Senior Star, we work to develop a custom care plan that fits each person’s passions. Our goal is to nurture the individuality, knowledge and skills that remain to help each person experience meaning and joy.

Being around others with dementia can slow cognitive decline

One of the big benefits of memory care is socialization. That’s because isolation can have negative health effects for aging adults. Those with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia may be aware their memory is declining, and they begin to avoid being around others for fear of not being able to communicate properly. Unfortunately, this tendency to avoid interaction can further contribute to memory impairment. But if they become a resident in a community with others facing the same issues, it can remove the pressure and feel more comfortable. 

Individuals can relax and benefit from the attention, activities, and calm atmosphere. The result can be a slowing of cognitive decline. At Senior Star, memory support residents can experience the health benefits of socializing in many ways, through group dining, exercise classes, music therapy, outdoor courtyards, birthday parties, special outings and much more. 

Relationships can be restored

Memory issues affect everyone in the family, and caregivers often experience a combination of stress and guilt that can negatively impact everyone involved. When you have peace of mind knowing your loved one is not only safe, but receiving exceptional care and attention, you can go back to your true role: daughter, son, wife, or husband. Being together is less stressful for you, as well as for your loved one—they can feel valued and loved, without the anxiety of how your life has changed as well.  

Specially trained caregivers and staff. 

Family caregivers often struggle with how to interact with their loved one as they go through the stages of dementia. At Senior Star’s Memory Support communities, our caregivers know how to communicate with your loved one. How to read visual as well as verbal cues. How to assist with dining, daily activities and more. They take pride in what they do and arrive energized each day to help add purpose and provide a passion for your loved one. This is one of the biggest benefits of memory care: the superior care and attention that each individual receives, and the peace of mind you have knowing your loved one is in very good hands. 

We support the strengths of each person at Senior Star. 

Senior Star’s Memory Support program nurtures the individuality, knowledge and skills that remain to help your loved one experience meaning and joy in each day. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour. Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities? Contact us. And download our free guide “A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing for more helpful information. 

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