10 Tips for Decorating Your Senior Living Retirement Home

Decorating your retirement home tips

Decorating your senior living retirement home can be fun and inspiring, especially if you look at it as a reward for all that you’ve accomplished during the downsizing process! Free of unwanted clutter, you’re now able to create the ambiance that makes you feel at home. There is so much you can do to achieve a mix of comfort, and inviting areas for socializing, with your unique personality.

10 tips for decorating your senior living retirement home

1. Decide on your colors. Whether it’s the walls, furniture or décor, neutral or light colors will create a feeling of openness and space. But you can still add a few “pops” of color, such as with throw pillows or a colorful quilt. Remember, there are no rules. If you’ve always wanted a turquoise lamp, get one!

2. Go smaller. Decorating your senior living retirement home means staying light and less crowded. For example, choose a love seat versus a full-size couch. Or, consider skipping that and instead choose two comfy chairs for relaxing. Instead of a full dining table, bring one that seats four or even two. Rounded tables are another good idea for good use of space. Sell or donate large end tables and consider nesting tables that can come out when company visits and also stack away efficiently.

3. Think dual purpose. An ottoman or other piece of furniture that can also work for storage. Maybe bring a small cabinet that used to hold china and repurpose it for linens or placemats and napkins.

4. Hang a mirror. It’s an easy way to make space look larger when you are decorating your senior living retirement home. Hang a mirror by a window or behind a light source so it can reflect light for a nice bright ambiance.

5. Think vertically. Tall shelves are great for storage and for showcasing favorite photos and knickknacks that have special meaning to you. They can also make the room look larger by making the ceiling appear to be taller, as can window treatments mounted above the windows.


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6. New bedding. A great way to add a special touch of home is with new linens and a coverlet for your bedroom. Choosing the texture and colors that appeal to you adds warmth and charm, not to mention an inviting space for a nap after that bridge game. This is what decorating your senior living retirement home is all about: making your space fun, relaxing, and all yours!

7. Bring your favorites. It’s great to treat yourself to new items, but remember, this will be your home, the place where you want to feel the most comfortable and able to put your feet up and smile. So if there’s a favorite chair, vase, antique lamp or other item that you love, be sure to bring it with you so you can continue to enjoy it.

8. Put up a memo board. You have lots to think about in your new home, and you want a way to stay organized that doesn’t require spreading papers all over the kitchen counter. With a small memo board, you can thumb tack the activities calendar, invitations or special photos so you can easily see them each day and also not miss important events.

9. Go green: flowers and plants…and if you lack a green thumb, then think artificial. There are many artificial ferns and palms that look like the real thing and are great choices when decorating your senior living retirement home.

10. Create room for fun. It can be very small; maybe it’s using the top of a storage piece or a TV tray…but have a surface, table, or corner where you can play checkers, put your materials for needlepointing while you are working on a gift for your granddaughter, or work on that model car.

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