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Laughter Yoga®

Discover the benefits of laughter.

“Mom had lost some of her zest and it broke my heart when I’d visit her at home,” Jan, daughter of resident Marge, shared with us. “When she moved here and participated in her first Laughter Yoga session she called me immediately. I could hear the energy and laughter in her voice. My Mom was back!”

Stroll down the halls of our community on a Saturday morning and you might witness residents clapping and calling out to one another, “Very good, very good, yay!” as they burst out in laughter.

These are special words that are spoken as part of our Laughter Yoga® program. Through Laughter Yoga, anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor or jokes. Initiated in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India, Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing and is simulated in a group as a body exercise.

Our certified Laughter Yoga instructor leads participants through the program, based on the scientific fact that the body cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter…the same physiological and psychological benefits are achieved.

Laughter Yoga triggers body endorphins, releases stress, decreases blood pressure, and boosts the immune system. Residents experience an increase in joy within their lives while decreasing stress levels, blood pressure, and anxiety. Describing the benefits of our Laughter Yoga program can be easily summed up in a few words: “very good, very good, yay!”

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