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Assisted Living

Discover your purpose in life, hand-in-hand with associates who care.

“People call you by name. They say, ‘it’s my pleasure,’ and I know that’s a saying, but they say it like they mean it.” —Sally

Days spent at Senior Star assisted living communities are days filled with the resounding buzz of the stories of our greatest generation. Residents chat over coffee on the day’s news and sports, weaving in their unique and rich histories — the lives they’ve lived.

Purpose drives us all — whether it’s an assisted living resident holding the door for a peer, an associate delivering the perfect cup of coffee, or a visiting musician tickling the keys of the community piano — we all set out to live each moment and each day meaningfully.

What Is Home for You?

At Senior Star assisted living centers, it’s a community filled with love and laughter. It’s the fostering of health and well-being. Our assisted living communities bring the activities of daily living together with the support for whatever level of senior care services a resident needs — whether that’s help tying a shoe, assistance standing up from a comfortable seat, or a reminder to take daily medication.

Most of all, home is where the stories happen. It’s sharing in these moments of one’s life, history, and heart. Home is being not only heard but known. It’s legacy.

Senior Star Assisted Living Communities

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