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Where Our Residents Are Traveling With BikeAround

Since BikeAround was installed in our community, we’ve enjoyed watching the meaningful, exciting places our residents have visited.

Many use BikeAround to take a virtual ride to important locations from their past. Murray Guttman, a resident at The Kenwood, visited his former house in Cincinnati where he lived for 30 years.

Another resident, Helen Greenberg, also visited a few places that brought back joyful memories. Having grown up in Louisiana, Helen used BikeAround to tour the street she lived on, as well as Tulane University in her neighborhood. She was amazed to see how much had changed since she lived near there. Afterward, Helen traveled to Paris, France to take in the Eiffel Tower and a few side streets nearby.

Though many choose to reminisce, residents are also encouraged to discover new places when using BikeAround. Google Street View is chalk full of exciting locations to experience without leaving home at The Kenwood. Lifewire shared the following recommendations, for residents and their families looking to explore somewhere new:

  1. Great Barrier Reef
  2. Antarctica
  3. Amazon Rainforest
  4. Cambridge Bay in Nunavut, Canada
  5. Mayan Ruins in Mexico
  6. Iwami Silver Mine in Japan
  7. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  8. Count Dracula’s Caste in Transylvania, Romania
  9. Capetown, South Africa
  10. Grand Canyon in Arizona

We’re excited to continue seeing how BikeAround benefits our residents— not only as a form of low-impact exercise, but also as a tool to open their minds and travel the world.

If you’re interested in using BikeAround, call us at 513-666-5256.

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