8 Benefits of Independent Living Community Life for Seniors

benefits of Independent Living

Living the life in an independent living community

When you think about independent living retirement community life, what comes to mind? For many seniors, it’s a fresh start. A look ahead to all that is possible. A rare opportunity to not only consider the past, and the future, but how you can live your best life now. 

Whatever you imagine, it’s good to know that senior community living can be a positive and rewarding experience in many ways. In fact, studies show that when people are part of a community, such as a senior community like Senior Star, they are happier and healthier. Here are some thoughts on why.  

Better together: 8 benefits of independent living for seniors

  1. Carefree living. Ever wonder how many leaves you’ve raked over the years, or how many afternoons you’ve mowed a lawn? Or repaired a leaky roof? No more! As a resident of a service-oriented retirement community like Senior Star, you can sit back and let us handle all the chores of home upkeep… you are free to spend your days as you please. Throw away the mop and the rake. It’s your turn to sit back, sip some iced tea, and pass the time as you’d like. We’ll take it from here!
  2. Making friends and socializing. Being around others who matter to you can raise your “feel good” hormones, giving you focus, energy and optimism. You’re more motivated to maintain good physical health, which can have all sorts of benefits, such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus, it’s just more fun to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with good people around you — one of the big benefits of community living for seniors. 
  3. Sense of belonging. Having a sense of purpose and feeling part of a greater community can really add a bounce to your step. Living in a senior living community, you have the option to participate in an array of events and activities. You can form your own club, volunteer, mentor a young person, or share your skills and wisdom with other residents. You have lots of reasons to get up every morning and get engaged.
  4. Lifelong learning. Your noggin. Your noodle. Your bean! Whatever word you choose, your brain cashes in when it comes to the benefits of community living for seniors. That’s because you are surrounded by so many options for mental stimulation. And that’s great news, as challenging your brain builds more neural pathways, which in turn can help improve memory, attention, thinking and reasoning skills. Join in on book clubs, discussions on world events, or lectures about history and science. Learn a new hobby. Attend a computer workshop. You name it, and chances are you can explore it in a senior living community. 
  5. Plan for the future. Worrying about what might happen tomorrow can rob you of enjoying today. Living with your peers in a senior living community like Senior Star can offer great peace of mind. You know personal assistance is there if you have a sudden need. Your family and friends can relax knowing you are secure and in an environment focused on your wellness. 
  6. Enhanced nutrition. What’s for dinner? In today’s senior living communities, mealtimes are something to savor. Venues are warm and inviting and service is prompt and friendly. Chef-prepared menus combine delicious flavors with important nutrition. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Having the option to dine with others at breakfast, lunch, and dinner adds a special touch. 
  7. A focus on wellness. The desire to live a long and healthy life is a great philosophy to live by and a key component of healthy aging. This is certainly true at Senior Star, where you can explore every aspect of wellness. Tap into fitness and exercise classes. Expand your mind with lifelong learning. Enjoy delicious and nutritious dining. Benefit from warm companionship and emotional support. Engage in life enrichment programs like Senior Star’s 7 Areas of Wellness. And reap the benefits of living in a community. 
  8. More laughter! Smiles are common at Senior Star senior living, probably because our residents have a great deal to be happy about. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system and increases blood flow, which can help prevent cardiovascular issues. Laughter is one of the best benefits of community living for seniors. 

There’s a lot to love about independent living at Senior Star. Independent Living at Senior Star was built to give you the freedom to live your life your way and to leave the rest to us. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour. Questions about Senior Star and our senior living communities?  Contact us.  And download our free guide “Just The Facts, Your Guide to Memory Care” for answers to questions about this living option.

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