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Memory Support

Sparking moments and memories through purpose that serves the whole person.

Memory Support Senior Star at Wexford PlaceMemory Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Kansas City

Sparking moments and memories through purpose that serves the whole person.

As you walk through the Memory Support community you’ll understand why we describe it as a place of purpose. So often those with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis experience life through this very narrow lens. Our view is very different, fully recognizing each person with her unique past experiences, knowledge, and skills that remain.

With lives well-lived, love stories that yearn to be told, and physical capabilities that have not been lost, imagine the joy, purpose, and fulfillment your mom may feel as she takes her basket of laundry to the backyard to hang clothing. Rather than sitting alone in a room watching TV, the simple moments in life can provide purpose and spark a memory.

These are the moments that deserve to be appreciated and nurtured.

Memory Care and Support for the Whole Family

Imagine your dad reliving his youth as he washes the classic car in the carport. The joy in his eyes, the sense of purpose and meaning he has rediscovered — if only for that moment. It is those moments we cherish when caring for those with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. It is our approach to caring for and serving the whole person — and their family — in our Memory Support community.

Our lens sees the whole person in approaching memory support for families. The fact that she has dementia 24-hours a day; knowing or feeling someone near at night, may be important to disrupting that sense of isolation that can come with dementia. Finding the tasks that provide purpose, satisfaction, and joy — day or night — are at the core of our care.

As you share your parent’s life story, we, partnering with you, will create a plan that strives to help preserve his or her routine and personal culture, while honoring his or her preferences. Our Care Partners then help to maintain his or her personal lifestyle.

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