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Memory Backyard

Spark familiarity and improve quality of life.

Have you ever flipped through an old photo album and instantly felt a sense of fond nostalgia? For people living with Alzheimer’s disease or symptoms of dementia, reminiscing is an especially powerful experience. Our Memory Support Backyard provides opportunities for resident memories to be sparked by the joy of experiencing many of the pleasures of the outdoors.

Imagine coming to visit Mom and finding her in the Backyard, hanging sweet smelling, freshly washed linens on the line. Do you remember what it was like when you were young and the two of you did so on a hot summer’s day?

You join her, encouraging her to share stories of when she taught her daughter to hang clothes, sharing a memory you thought was long forgotten but that awakens that special bond between the two of you.

You walk, arm in arm past the garden bed as a resident whistles while he happily pulls weeds, the fragrance of the lavender providing a sense of calm. You take a seat together, enjoying the sound of bubbling water, the soft whistle a nice punctuation. There is no need for words; the joy of being together, steeped in pleasant memories brings peace and joy to you both.

A Safe Nostalgic Haven

We created a beautiful backyard in our courtyard, readily accessible to all Weber Place Memory Support residents. Equally important is the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature at any time. The Backyard has all of the components of a nostalgic and beautiful haven.

Residents are welcome to enjoy backyard barbecues and family get togethers safely in the fresh air and sunshine. The bird house and feeder offer communion with nature; our frequent visiting sparrows and starlings have quickly become favored friends.

There are many other attributes to the Backyard — from a shade trellis to a meditation bench to an old-fashioned mailbox — each component of the Backyard offers feelings of serenity, nostalgia, and a sense of purpose.

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