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Destination Stations®

Creating a profound source of joy and comfort for memory support residents.

Our life experiences shape the person we are today. Whether a stay-at-home mom or a journalist; a gardener or a machinist — our days are always defined by how we spend them. At Senior Star, we recognize that every action in our day serves a purpose. For a mother at home with her children, grocery shopping is important. For a father who works in the garage, using tools and fixing things brings him fulfillment.

From making our beds in the morning to helping a neighbor, Senior Star has built that sense of purpose into the designs of our building — especially in our innovative approach to memory care.

For those living with Alzheimer’s disease or symptoms of dementia, living with purpose is of utmost importance. So, we created Destination Programming® and Destination Stations®.

What is a Destination Station®?

A Destination Station is a place that invites participation in meaningful activity. For a resident who dedicated her young life to motherhood, grocery-shopping at our community Country Store allows for reminiscing on past grocery trips, and is a way for important movement that may help to improve range of motion — lifting her arm to reach a can on the shelf and place it in her cart.

For a “fix-it” man, tinkering with tools at a station not only encourages a  purposeful practice, but provides a wonderful sensory experience for Dad to feel the Allen wrench in his left hand, while steadying washers and a screw in his right hand.

To reach a destination means that you are traveling with intention. Destination Stations are life-giving — and this life comes in the form of many purposeful moments strung together within a Weber Place resident’s day.

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