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Purposeful Moments®

Discover why Senior Star associates are the key to an unforgettable senior living experience in Cincinnati.

“People call you by name. They say, ‘It’s my pleasure,’ and I know that’s a saying, but they say it like they mean it.” —Sally

There is a lifetime of joy to be found in the simple moments of everyday living. The Kenwood by Senior Star brings this idea to life by celebrating the moments that create purpose and fulfillment in the lives of residents. It is a Senior Star way of life known as Purposeful Moments®.

Experience the Dedication of Your Senior Star Family Members

Purposeful Moments reflects The Kenwood’s resident-centered approach to senior living. This approach means far more than offering charming amenities and exciting programs — it means creating memorable experiences that touch the hearts of every resident and make every moment of life meaningful.

The Senior Star family is truly passionate about understanding and catering to the needs of seniors. By connecting with the hearts of residents, associates learn what matters most on physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and altruistic levels. Associates then create meaningful experiences that evoke lasting feelings of joy, success, and purpose. These experiences can be as simple as holding an outdoor gardening class for a resident who has a horticulture interest or creating a new social outing for a resident who is interested in baking.

Providing residents with opportunities to experience life with joy and intention makes every moment purposeful. Creating these purposeful moments encourages residents, family members, and associates to thrive in incredible ways. It is the key to embracing a new place in life.

Explore all the ways life at Senior Star can create purpose for you and your loved ones.


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