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Memories in the Making® for Alzheimer’s Disease

Memories in the Making® for Alzheimer’s Disease

The Kenwood by Senior Star | Memories in the MakingA signature art program of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati is now available at The Kenwood. The process of creating art stimulates the mind in unique and beneficial ways. It replaces the need to remember with the ability to self-express. Memories in the Making® art program provides people with dementia the ability to paint their thoughts, emotions and memories. The art becomes their voice.

Benefits of Memories in the Making® to those with Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Improves self esteem
  • Serves as an outlet for emotions
  • Increases attention span and focus
  • Activates neurons
  • Reduces isolation and provides opportunity to socialize
  • Taps into pockets of memory that still exist
  • Reconnects families

Through this experience, people with Alzheimer’s are often able to reach outside of their dementia and paint a picture that reconnects them with a past memory. These documented memories become powerful tools that reassure family and caregivers that the essence of the individual is still there. For example, one artist painted a birdhouse sharing his lifelong love of building and hanging birdhouses in the yard. Another painted a fish remembering the hours spent nurturing his tanks of tropical fish.

A trained art facilitator encourages each resident to begin to dabble in the paint. Every resident, and even those with no prior art interests, find tremendous joy and a fulfilling sense of accomplishment in this activity. The program focuses on what the residents can do, not the skills that have been lost. The goal of the Memories in the Making® program  is to foster the memories that the art brings out.

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