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Creative Writing Corner – featuring Marcia Ratner

Each week, many of our residents meet for our Creative Writing Group. The class offers residents the opportunity to flex their writing muscles in a fun, supportive environment.

In this edition, we’re highlighting Marcia Ratner.

By Marcia Ratner

Out front in The House, the theater entrances
Its crystal-laden chandeliers glisten
Pink & blue & golden angels
cavort on the ceiling
          amidst mythical gods!
The red plush seats rise up
          from orchestra to mezzanine to balcony & loge
          as if to pay homage to royalty.
The audience reads program notes,
          High and low, row by row,
‘till from the orchestra pit is heard
          sweet flutes, heart-rending violins, a jazzy trumpet,
          or mellow oboe.

It’s 8:10! The House Lights dim! Bliss! Delight!
          Someone backstage whispers, “Break a leg!”
          And as the shimmering velvet curtain rises
          A journey into others’ lives lets us see ourselves more clearly.
          It’s “Another op’ning, another show…”


Creative Writing for Seniors

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