Want More Free Time? Check Out Assisted Living

assisted living

Moving to assisted living is an opportunity to get back to the things that matter most to you, like spending time with friends, pursuing hobbies, learning new skills and achieving renewed wellness—things you might have had to put on the back burner because you had to focus on caring for a home instead. It’s like hitting the restart button for your whole life. 

In fact, once a person moves to assisted living, his or her family often sees an improvement in nutrition, quality of life, physical health and social well-being. Free from worries of home upkeep and daily concerns, residents of assisted living have lots more time on their hands to do what they love.  

Are you ready to explore your free time?  Here’s just a start.

Assisted living benefits:  more free time for whatever you choose 

  • Try something new. Now that you’ve put away the mop, rake, and endless list of repairs and daily worries, consider what you’d like to do. Always wanted to paint? Most assisted living settings offer an art class or studio with an instructor who can guide you. Maybe playing bridge has always attracted you. Now’s your chance! Drop by the activities room and see who loves to play cards. Put your thinking cap on:  you might be surprised what you come up with!
  • Make new friends. One of the many assisted living benefits is that you’re around your peers:  people who often share the same memories and experiences as you. That makes for easy conversation as you explore together the exciting possibilities of this phase of life. And with a busy activities calendar and special events, there’s usually lots to talk about.
  • Keep learning. Always wanted to learn to speak a foreign language? Ready to tackle the classics? Lifelong learning can be a delight now that you’re free to take a class, attend a lecture, or curl up with a book you’ve always wanted to read. Research confirms that our brains continue to change, build neural pathways and even make it easier for us to see the “big picture” than our younger friends. Bottom line:  challenging your brain is good for you!
  • Volunteer. Whether you’re helping out with a project inside the community, visiting a friend in the hospital, or mentoring with a nearby elementary school, volunteering can be fun and inspiring. And it’s a perk of assisted living that can enhance your health. Biologically, volunteering can create a “warm glow”, activating regions in the brain associated with pleasure, connection with others, and trust. And the good news is the older we become, the more we benefit.  
  • Snuggle with a pet. What’s better than a warm nose? If you own a pet, this is your opportunity to really enjoy their company. For those who do not, many assisted living communities bring in pets for visits so residents can still have the experience. Just 30 minutes with a pet can trigger the endorphins associated with happiness and wellbeing. Pet therapy is a wonderful benefit of a supportive lifestyle.
  • Improve your fitness level. Living at home, you might have had the opportunity to really focus on your physical fitness as much as you would have liked. But now in one of today’s modern assisted living communities, you will have resources, information, and inspiration to achieve new goals. Whether it’s chair aerobics, walking with friends, attending classes, swimming, or another activity, regular exercise can help reduce pain, improve balance, lift your mood and even reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. Best of all: it’s fun!

Assisted living benefits you in many ways—mainly giving you the freedom to do the things you love. This is your time to enjoy all that life has to offer. Make the most of it!


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