Understanding the Difference Between Senior Lifestyle Options


Today’s seniors have more choices than ever when it comes to senior living. However, navigating the differences between which senior lifestyle option is best for you or your loved one isn’t always so easy. At the end of the day, which community style you choose should be based on you or your loved one’s current lifestyle, needs and desires. In other words, it should provide you the support you need to achieve your goals while assuring you have the amenities you want to lead a fulfilled life.

Here are the differences between the senior lifestyle options Senior Star has to offer.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living communities are ideal for seniors who are looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle that allows them more time to enjoy the activities and hobbies they love. At Senior Star, this means never having to worry about cooking, cleaning, home maintenance or safe transportation.

Additionally, residents have access to a variety of amenities including private dining rooms, backyards and patio spaces, a number of wellness and fitness programs, and community events, all designed to ensure seniors can stay active, healthy and independent.

Essentially, independent living allows seniors to maintain their current lifestyle and is generally best for those who:

  • No longer want the burden or upkeep of a home
  • Are looking to meet new people
  • Desire easy access to programs and activities designed to help them stay independent
  • Require little to no assistance with daily activities

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities offer the support and services seniors need to stay active, healthy and happy. The type of assistance residents receive is completely personalized to their needs and includes anything from help getting dressed and medication management, to assistance getting safely around the community. Residents also have access to delicious and nutritious meals in a community-dining setting, so they never have to worry about cooking. Seniors can even receive meals tailored to their specific dietary needs.

At Senior Star, our assisted living lifestyle option also includes easy access to regular social events as well as a variety of recreational and wellness activities.

An assisted living community can provide the support you or your loved one needs to live life to the fullest and is ideal for those who:

  • Need assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, medication management, etc.
  • Desire a community-lifestyle that gives them easy access to social events and activities
  • No longer want to worry about home maintenance or daily cooking

Memory Support Communities

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be difficult on both seniors and their families. A memory support community provides the specialized care residents need to find purpose, satisfaction and joy in every day.

At Senior Star, we work with seniors and their families to create personalized care plans that strive to preserve the routines, personal cultures and preferences of each resident. Additionally, we offer a number of signature programs that incorporate music, nostalgia, purpose and mindfulness to encourage the preservation of past memories while creating new experiences.

If your loved one has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, learn more about the support and care our memory support communities offer both seniors and their families.

Explore Your Lifestyle Options at Senior Star

Do one of these senior lifestyle options sound right for you or your loved one? At Senior Star, we offer the services and amenities our residents need to live life with purpose, no matter what their age or goals. Come see for yourself. Contact us today to learn more about our lifestyle options for seniors and our communities.