Planning for senior living: sooner rather than later

senior getting help with her medicine

Should you stay at home and wait or should you start considering senior living now? If you ask residents of a senior living community what they think, many will say they wish they had moved sooner. They must be on to something! Here are six compelling reasons to start the planning process—so you get the benefits now.

Planning for senior living: why sooner is better than later.

  1. You can make your right choice. This is a big decision, and you want to be sure you live in the setting that matches your needs. Planning ahead instead of having to hastily react to an injury or illness prevents your loved ones from having to make decisions for you. Their choice might not be the same as yours.
  2. You can start enjoying a more robust social life. What new adventure, hobbies or pastimes have you been waiting to try? Instead of staying at home and waiting for family members to visit, you can start researching which senior living options offer social calendars that mirror your interests. Or, consider how once you’re a resident, you can organize a club or field trip that suits you. There’s no need to wait to start having more fun and making new friends! The caring and engaged staff at a Senior Star community can help facilitate your social schedule, whether it be free transportation to local shopping, billiards and sports at an onsite bar or common space, or even finding a workout buddy to join you in our modern health and wellness centers.
  3. You can benefit from better nutrition and more enjoyable meals. Eating alone isn’t much fun, especially when what’s on your plate isn’t exactly inspiring. Now consider having the opportunity to choose delicious selections at mealtime that are both nutritious and delicious—and you don’t have to shop, cook, or clean up! For those with dietary restrictions, planning for senior living without waiting makes even more sense, as most communities have a chef or nutritionist who pays close attention to dietary needs.
  4. You can improve your overall health. You want to stay as healthy as possible, so you can live as independently as possible. That’s a major reason to look ahead to a lifestyle that offers a myriad of health and wellness programs, all designed to help you enjoy the highest possible quality of life. This can encompass everything from nutrition to fitness to aquatics to yoga to meditation. And having more friends around also can improve your physical and emotional health.
  5. You have someone close by if a health emergency occurs. Some seniors worry about what will happen to them should their health needs change. Others think they should wait until something does happen before they make the move to senior living. Instead, by planning for senior living now before any unfortunate event occurs, you can have the reassurance that you will be living where healthcare professionals are available immediately. Whether it’s monitoring your health, responding in an emergency, or helping manage medications, the care staff of a community is there to help you.
  6. You can truly have peace of mind. Planning for senior living now can help relieve a lot of uncertainty and anxiety by putting you in control of your future. You can get a jump on downsizing, you won’t have to worry about home maintenance, and you and your loved ones won’t have to worry about what senior living option you prefer if an unexpected health emergency occurs. Your decision also lifts the burden about your future care off of your family. Proactive thinking is good for everyone—especially when it opens the door to enhanced wellness and contentment for you.

Planning for senior living? Now is a great time.

At Senior Star, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our communities—and how we believe each one can inspire you to approach each day with zeal and optimism. Want to learn more about planning for senior living? Download our Stay or Go Guide or Contact us today.